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Getting started with new NLE system

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Getting started with new NLE system
on Oct 14, 2002 at 1:24:41 pm

I'm trying to put together the best NLE system that
I can for around $3k. I'm an NLE novice that likes
video editing as a hobby. I was thinking about trying
to recuperate the cost of the new system or even make
a profit by editing friends hi8 home movies and
exporting to DVD or converting old vhs tapes to DVD.

I've pretty much settled on buying a top of the line
Dell Dimension or Precision computer. I've got a
really old 17" CRT monitor that I'll probably just
keep for awhile.

Finally, here are the questions:

1 - How important is a RAID setup? If I get a 120GB
7200 RPM dedicated drive for video should that be
enough for now? Is it easy to go back and add RAID-0

2 - I would like a real-time solution. For the extra
$200 the Pinnacle Pro-One sounds better to me than the
Pinnacle DV500DVD. What exactly am I getting extra
with the Pro-One? What would I be missing out on if I
don't get the Pro-One RTDV?

3 - As I said, I'm leaning towards the Pinnacle
Pro-One or the DV500DVD. Should I consider either of
the Matrox solutions for my needs (remember the $3k budget)?

Any other specific ideas with respect to my needs and goals that would be great.


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Re: Getting started with new NLE system
on Oct 15, 2002 at 11:10:40 am

Well for starters. Dell only has 200 watt power supplys shipped with their machines. Plus the fact you can't get Windows 2000 pro unless you buy a server. Gateway offers the best in "Build to your specs" Machines. You can replace XP/XP-pro with W2K,(more professionals prefer W2k or NT 4.0 for non-linear editing systems than any other os system out there.) Order a larger power supply, ...etc. You can get a good P-4 2.5 ghz built to order for under 1700.00
Add the pioneer A04 DvD Burner or the Panasonic LF-D321 burner for about 350.00
As far as a great editing software is concerned. I would go with Premier 6.5. Being vastly improved over 6.0, it sports the best Mpeg 2 encoder out there on the market. The titler has greatly improved to, but I still prefer the Title Deko for speed and ease of use. Cost for 6.5 is 599.00.
As far as a good capture card goes, I would get the Canopus capture card around 150.00 or get a Pinnacle studio 7 or 8 with capture card. Adobe matches well with these cards.

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Re: Getting started with new NLE system
on Oct 18, 2002 at 3:53:59 pm

I use RAID-0 (2 X 80GB-7200 IBM drives which came up with 153GB free)
I would not say it is necessary to use RAID-0 (also known as 'striping') due to the adequacy of todays drives, but it does speed up reading and writing from and to the drives. The system sees both drives as just one drive once in a RAID configuration. 'E' in my case.

No matter what drive/s you use, at least the one used for video capture/editing should have a drive fan mounted on it/them. They are available for about $15 at any computer store. I've heard of some folks having to shut down afer a few hours, wait a while, then get going again. I never have to. I have the fans on each RAID drive. Each fan unit is actually 2 fans. The occupy 1/2 of a drive bay each. I bought a 10 bay case just so I could have lots of ventilation. Runs 24/7 at times with no heat issues. Heat is the prime enemy of electronics.

Let us know how you end up going....


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Ted Jan
Re: Getting started with new NLE system
on Oct 18, 2002 at 10:58:27 pm

I would be very careful about getting a Pro-One. Pinnacle probably has the worse tech support that you can imagine. One of my friends has a Pro-One and it took forever for him to get it up and running. You have to make sure that your Dell system will be compatible with the Pro-One as well.

Raid 0 is the same as if you just installed a brand new harddrive into your computer. The only real advantage of Raid 0 is that you can combine multiple drives into one virtual drive and thus have faster access to information that might be stored across the multiple drives.

It's only when you move up to Raid 1 thru 5 do you really get the benefits of what a Raid system can do.

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Re: Getting started with new NLE system
on Oct 22, 2002 at 1:21:05 pm

There are 180 - 200 gig drives out now, so one of those may reduce your need for RAID. Just a thought!

Good luck! Cool

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