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Seeking Advice on Making Purchases

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Seeking Advice on Making Purchases
on Sep 9, 2002 at 9:06:02 pm

Where else to go for advice other than to those ahead of me? :)

I am finally able to buy some stuff I've asked questions about over the last two months. Now I'd like to make sure I don't get burned. Am looking for folks' experience(s) with various vendors.

Am buying:
Two PD150's. Would like to stay under $3600 each, including two batteries each. (also, if anyone could/would, PLEASE tell me EXACTLY what it comes with. Seems every site shows these decked out camera's for relatively low prices. I wish there was a law that says you get what you see next to the posted price. :))

Bundle: Adobe Illustrator, premiere 6.5 (I have 6.0 that came with my Pinnacle DV500Plus and the 6.5 upgrade is $149 but I _think_ I can save money by getting 6.5 in a "bundle".), Photoshop and After Effects.

Basic lighting kit: Would like to stay under $1500.

Two flat screen, 19" monitors.... 250ish each?

One, 13 inch NTSC Monitor... used in good condition is ok. I just want to be able to calibrate the color.

Side question. I want to get a wide angle adapter for one of the PD150's. There seems to be too large of a range of prices out there. 225ish to 400ish..... for the same thing [different brands though]. My real question is, .... is there a bayonett mount adapter that will screw into the lense (58mm) so that a bayonett mount wide angle [or any other] adapter can just twist and lock/unlock from the camera?

Any input is appreciated.

Thanks, AlwaysLearning

P.s. BTW, I'd like to get at least one PD150 ordered tomorrow, Tuesday w/two day delivery as I have a job requiring one on Sat. I'd hate to lease one when I'm so close to just having one....

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on Sep 10, 2002 at 1:22:54 pm

In my earlier thread, "3 chip camera purchase", daremo suggested considering the new, yet to be released, Pansonic AG-DVX100.

I have, along with a guy that does professional video for a TV station. He/we are saying, hmmmmm....

I cannot, at this point, see a reason to not get one ( or two:) ).

One reviewer from NAB 2002 said about it, "The PD150 now has a serious competitor." Well, often in various forums, I see folks seeking to learn how to produce that "film look". This camera does that with the flip of a switch. The CCD's (X3) are 410,000 pixels each vs. the PD150's 380,000 (340K - effective). It also has a 72mm lense dia. vs. the 150's 58mm. I don't know if that matters, but it seems it would be better at collecting light?
It has all the features I want, i.e. manual wht.bal., etc., as well as independently adjustable XLR inputs, switable between line level and mic level. VU metering on both the LCD display (3.5" vs. 150's 2.5") and the EVF (color, but supposedly high res.) This camera also has gamma correction and I'm not sure if the PD150 does, though I suspect it does. Not sure though.
Also, it appears that some of the menu driven controls of the PD150 are "hardware" accessible on the Panasonic.

I am remaining at either one of these two. I'll lease Sat. (first post I mentioned needing a 3 chip this Sat.) I don't want to lay out several thousand dollars (very hard to come by ;) ) only to wish I'd have waited a month or two, in about 6 months or so.

Has anyone heard ANY bad thing about the AG-DVX100?


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Ted Jan
Re: daremo
on Sep 10, 2002 at 5:02:50 pm

The above link is to a review of the prototype video camera that was shown around the country.

I have one on preorder and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

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Update: Monitor Purchase Complete
on Sep 12, 2002 at 4:33:08 am

This is just a "for your information" post. [I like to read the results of others posts/requests, and so I try to post results too in case it will help someone else trying to decide about something.)

Yesterday I bought two 19", flat screen , Samsung SyncMaster 955DF's.

I run them on a Matrox Millennium G550 video card as one monitor.
Since they are capable of 1280 X 1024 [and higher] resolution, running them as one, I selected 2560 X 1024 (2560 is 2 X 1280).

I now have a lot of screen real estate! I open Premiere and my time line goes across both displays so nicely with lots-o-space for other windows.


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