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[red]Building a professional machine,..need help!!

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[red]Building a professional machine,..need help!!
on Sep 4, 2002 at 4:37:38 pm

I am getting ready to build a new box for editing. I guess the final output of this will be dvd and vhs. I have been torn between getting a single chip board or a dual chip board. Also i am torn on which capture card to get. My original budget was 1000 dollars. I would like to still be able to stick somewhere close to that but still getting the best i could get. I know i want a gig of ram, 3 80gig harddrives running on raid. A nvidia card, probably a gforce4,probably the athlon2200 or 2400 series,i dont know if i have left out anything but that is the basic jist of it. I really need some advice on what is gonna run the best with a premiere based machine, i will be using after effects some to. I want this to be a professional grade machine. And i willing to go over a 1000 if i have to but i am trying to keep it in budget since i am about to buy a camorder also.

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Oy Veh! For only a grand thats going to be tough!
on Sep 4, 2002 at 8:10:19 pm

All prices WILL very and they are USDA...

512 DDR PC2100 Generic - $170 (x2)
Athlon MP2000+ - $220
Mobo with AMD chipset - $180
Promise Fastrack - $80
7200 WD 100 gig IDE drive (for video) - $165 (x2)
7200 WD 40 gig IDE drive (for OS)- $75
Matrox Dualhead G550 - $105
Sound Blaster Live - $39
Goldstar DVD drive - $40
Goldstar DVD-RW - $465
Sony 1.44MB Floppy Drive - $8
Windows XP-Pro - $140
Antex Full Tower Case 400w $145

TOTAL - $2167/US

This system really isn't even all that extravagant! Just a basic workstation.

Then you must figure in your monitors, keyboard, mouse, capture card, etc...

Good luck!

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I guess i should have said i already have..
on Sep 4, 2002 at 9:04:38 pm

Well i have a monitor and keyboard and all that stuff, i work at bestbuy so i can get some stuff pretty cheap. Should i go with a matrox dual monitor video card, verses a gforce4 video card.Umm any other suggestions welcome.

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Re: I guess i should have said i already have..
on Sep 4, 2002 at 10:40:17 pm

Dual montiors can be very helpful. I for one don't think i could live with out at least two monitors. I like to keep all my bins and palettes open.

The Matrox G550 is up for debate. I haven't had any trouble with it, but others prefer the ATI card. I haven't had good experiences w/ATI.

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Dual Monitors
on Sep 5, 2002 at 8:07:09 pm


I am also building a video editing PC and I have been debating between one monitor or two. Also between LCD or CRT monitors.

Are two 19" monitors better than one 22" monitor?

Is the price of LCD monitors worthwhile?

Should I also have a television attached to my system in addition to the dual monitor setup, or is one computer monitor and one NTSC monitor the way to go? (Since most people will watch a video on a TV, not a computer monitor, I think I'd get a better idea of the output on a TV).

If I need two computer monitors and a TV attached to my editing system, I better buy a bigger computer desk. :)

What advatange(s) do you find with multiple monitors?


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Re: Dual Monitors
on Sep 5, 2002 at 9:29:42 pm

Basically, two monitors acts like one large monitor.

I find using a dual setup valuable because I can work on the timeline in one screen and keep all of my bins and menus open on the other. It keeps me from having to constantly open and close boxes over my time line and work area. One 21 inch monitor just isn't big enough to keep all the apps open.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to justify the price of flat panel monitors yet.

I'm just using two cost efficient 19 inch Samsung Sync Master monitors. I find these monitors an extremely wonderful value.

As far as the "TV"....Yes, you can use it. I however use an NTSC video monitor as my client's monitor. It helps me gauge colors correctly and it gives me a better idea on how the video will look. If you're just starting off and can't afford a pricey NTSC monitor, I guess a regular TV will suffice. I use to use one.

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