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Decoding of audio failed, DVDErr, -47007

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Decoding of audio failed, DVDErr, -47007
on Mar 9, 2005 at 4:29:42 pm

I have about an hour of video exported from Avid Xpress Pro that I am trying to burn to DVD using Sonic DVDit 5.0. It gets through the process of transcoding the video (in QT reference format) without incident. However about 15% through the audio encoding, I get the following error "Could not complete the last command because 'Decoding of audio failed, DVDErr, -47007'. I have burned shorter clips from in the exact same way on the exact same DVD I don't think it could be the drive or the media. Any help would greatly be appreciated as right now I have no way to get this video off my computer...found some other posts via Google with the same error but they're all in languages I don't speak!

thanks in advance,

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Re: Decoding of audio failed, DVDErr, -47007
on Apr 1, 2005 at 12:52:08 am

I'm having the same problem. Anybody have any ideas? I'm desperate and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Decoding of audio failed, DVDErr, -47007
on Apr 7, 2005 at 3:37:25 pm


Ive been using Sonic DVD Producer and get the same messages, have you checked that the audio is 48khz? I ended up bringing the audio in seperately to the video and it worked.

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Err -47007
on Apr 9, 2005 at 12:56:13 am

My audio is exported at 48 khz but I still get the error. I'm using Avid Express HD Pro (wacky export options-no mpeg2?) and I've ended up just exporting each scene individually and then putting them together in Sonic's editing software. It doesn't end up looking the best but it's the only option I've found so far. Any other ideas would be great.

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Re: Decoding of audio failed, DVDErr, -47007
on Nov 22, 2005 at 2:01:04 am

I have been having the "Decoding Audio Failed, DVD error -47007" message for days and my search for a solution lead me to this thread. However the last message here was posted way back in April, and I am wondering if any of you guys have found a solution to this issue.

Anyway this is my story...

I have been creating DVDs for a while using Encore DVD 1.5 without any problems, but the last time I did was about two to three months ago. A few days ago I had to whip one up quickly for a presentation and I was smacked in the face with the dreaded "DVD error -47007". BTW it is only the audio files which give this error.

I went back to my old projects and tried to re-transcode the audio files which worked perfectly before and BANG the same message popped up. I stayed up the whole night trying to solve this problem, searching the web endlessly for an answer, all to no avail.

Finally I decided to re-install Windows XP all over again and then re-installed Adobe Encore first before anything else after that. And what do you know, the transcoding of the audio files worked perfectly after that. Whew!

Then I started re-installing all my other applications and from time to time checked on Encore to note that is was still working flawlessly. I was on a roll and I quickly re-installed everything I needed, but avoiding those which I thought might be the cause of the original problem. I thought I didn't need to keep on checking on Encore anymore. I completed re-installing everything I needed late last night.

This morning my wife asked me to produce more of the DVD and I went back to Encore to make some adjustments and POW, the dreaded "47007" raised its ugly head again.

I didn't want to go through having to re-install Win XP all over again so I started retracing my steps and began to uninstall all audio related applications installed in the last 24 hours then I found the culprit responsible for this error.

If any of you guys watch xViD or DivX movies and have "ac3Filter" installed to decode the AC3 audio, uninstall it. This works for me and everything is back to the way it should be with Encore. Double WHEW!

Now, if your xViD or DivX movies do not have sound, install the ffdshow codec which is good for all versions of DivX as well as XviD and it also comes with a built in AC3 decoder.

There, that's my 2 cents, I hope it has been helpful... Very Happy

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DVDiT 47007 Error
on Mar 7, 2006 at 6:43:00 pm

Folks I'm sure this comes late in the game, and most of you have either discovered a viable solution elsewhere, or are still struggling - but here's my 2 cents after coming across the same error.

I'm also an Avid XPress Pro user and after hours of work on a large project got to the point of needing to distribute my movie as 4 separate Parts across 2 DVDs. I was using Sonic DVDit 5.2 as my authoring tool. Found that each Part (a separate QT movie) burned fine but as soon as I tried to burn 2 movies (as menu options) on a single DVD (after what seemed like hours of rendering) got the same dreadful 47007 error.

Even tried separating the audio and bringing video and audio in separately into Sonic. Same error.

After reading a bunch of threads I came to the conclusion either DVDit 6 solved the problem (as some of you alluded to) or it was time to move onto another Authoring package. Sonic has always been troublesome so the idea wasn't a new one.

After seriously considering Adobe Encore but having stupid access problems with their product support website, broke down and went for the DVDiT 6 upgrade.

All I can say is, as much as I shudder to admit this, the guys at Sonic seem to have finally gotten it right. Went back in and cut the disks as originally planned with the exact same source files and it worked like a gem. Go figure!!??

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Re: Decoding of audio failed, DVDErr, -47007
on Jul 29, 2006 at 5:23:24 am

I know this is really late, but I need to say it anyway...

I have run into the same dreaded auido error message and I have tried to fix it. This thread came in very handy becasue I knew to search for a "ac3Filter" on my computer. I did so, and came up with the following results

However, I have no idea if any of these AC3 items are what i'm looking for. Can anyone please help me with this, as I have a DVD project that needs to be burned for my boy scout troop and at the moment it's simply sitting on my computer, eating up disk space.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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err 47007
on Aug 8, 2006 at 2:33:22 am

I had this same error plague me and when i was just about to go buy new software, my computer's sound card automatically came up and told me there was a misconfiguration with it and asked me if i'd like to re configure it. I clicked yes and the problem in dvd it went away. Don't know if this is any help to anyone out there but you might want to look into reconfiguring your sound card some how.

**as a side note, I burned about 10 dvds without incident before running into a new problem, which is what brought me to this site. now it's giving me an invalid avi error, but i'm not even using avi files, i'm using quicktime that are being transcoded to mpegs so i have no idea what it's talking about, but i supose that's a different thread.

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