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DVD's that only 60% can watch

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DVD's that only 60% can watch
on Dec 21, 2004 at 2:31:55 pm

Hi Guys, Great site you have here!
My problem is, I edit with Avid Xpress DV, once I finish a project I master it on to tape (minidv) and then create a DVD using Sonic MyDVD (from tape), that way I don't need to encode and transfer mpg2 and decode and bit rates etc, process that I fund very annoying.
I'm Happy with the quality of the DVD, but the problem is that 40% of my clients can not play the DVD that I created on their DVD player at home, it just wont play or sometimes it does but keeps freezing all the time.
Obviously my boss is not happy and is going mad, he wants to kill me.
What is it? the DVD burner? the Software? The blank disc? or my clients DVD player?
Is my way of doing DVD's OK? am I making any sense?
Thank you guys!

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John Q
Re: DVD's that only 60% can watch
on Dec 21, 2004 at 5:03:01 pm

The first thing that can cause playback problems is imbalance, if a paper label has been applied.

Another problem that I've found is the encoding format. While my Sony and Denon DVD players have no problem with variable bitrate encoded DVD recordables, I've found that many lesser DVD players do, momentarily freezing during playback. The solution is to encode the video using constant bitrate (CBR) encoding.

I found that DVD-R is slightly more compatible than DVD+R media, so try using -R media, if you have a choice.

There's also great variability in the quality of media. Since I now print my labels directly on the media, I've standardized on Ritek and have been very satisfied with its quality and price.

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Sonic MyDVD
on Dec 22, 2004 at 1:15:26 pm

Dear John
thanks for your answer, but as i said on my first message, i do not have to encode because i capture the video directly from tape to SonicMyDVD, as far as i know there is no way to change bitrates on that software.
I use -R media, and i do not print nor label my DVD's.
Is anyone there using SonicMyDVD? if so, do you have any problems when playing DVD on domestic DVD players?
Is there any simple authoring software, where i do not need to bother about encode, bitrates etc, and that is reliable?

I just want to be able to create DVD from my video tape master in a simple way, I'm not too concern about quality, for me is more important reliability and that everybody can play my DVD's at home!!

Thank you

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