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What about DLT

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What about DLT
on Apr 22, 2003 at 7:37:31 pm

Please help!

According to DVDit! PE documentation, the only "real" way to mass produce DVDs for distribution is to have it outputted to Digital Linear Tape (DLT).

Could some out there in dvd land please explain to me what this is, how & possibly where to get it, how much can I expect to pay & if it is really necessary?

Thanks so much!


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John Q
Re: What about DLT
on Apr 23, 2003 at 2:48:58 am

Once upon a time, the only way to get a glass master made was by using DLT or a DVD for Authoring master, which are quite expensive.

Fortunately, the DVD pressing companies are now support DVD for General as well. Do and search and you'll find several. Here's one - Reliant Digital.

Now, if you want to press a dual layer DVD, then you'll need an authoring package, like Adobe Encore, and the DLT.

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Michael Autery
Re: What about DLT
on May 1, 2003 at 3:15:21 am


Simple answer

Digital Linear Tape or DLT. The disc image recorded is an ANSI tape file, along with a DDP control file that includes additional information used in the duplication stage.

There are several types, DLT type III and or Type IV in either DDP 2.0 or DDP 2.1 format.

With DLT you have the option of Copy Protection

Three common types of copy protection are:

CSS Encryption (Content Scrambling System)
CGMS (Copy Guard Management System)

A DLT recorder cost from $500 upwards of $10k+ depending on where you get it and brand.

With DLT you have seamless integration with the replication stage to ensuring that there are no delays, in restoring the image file, and verifying it for glass mastering.

The simpliest way is to create your project, put it on DVD-r (DVD 5)or if it is for a DVD 9 copy it back on MiniDv/Beta format tape and send it to someone like and let them convert your tape or dvd to DLT.

If you have the extra $2k - 10k just laying around for the setup go for it, But I would use a DLT service, sometimes for under a couple hundred bucks, depending on size of your project.

I have personally had a couple DVD's replicated from a DVD-R high quaility media, there is a considerable time differents between having a dvd replicated from a DVD-r and a DLT, but that was a couple years back

Best Regards
Michael Autery DVD Product Developers Community

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