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Video Capture / Editing / DVD burning

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Video Capture / Editing / DVD burning
on Jan 19, 2003 at 5:41:20 pm

I have a Sony Vaio (1.8 w/ DVD-RW, CD, 4 USB, 1 Fire Wire, etc, etc.).

I (am) was attempting to capture analog (VHS) vidoe on a ATI 'All-in-Wonder' Radeon card for eventual DVD burning.

I can Capture from ATI card in mp2 and avi or Adobe Premiere(LE) in avi; After editing video captured by either ATI or Adobe in Premiere, I can export from Adobe in only avi.

The problem is that DVDit(LE) only imports mp2 for cDVD(??), which I can get from the ATI software (unedited), but am concerned about the quality(?); also, if I want to edit the video, again I'm stuck in getting from Premiere(LE)(only exports avi) to DVDit(LE)(only imports a 'legal' MP2 or cDVD compliant MP2. I guess this is everyones way of getting you upgrade to the more expensive editions.

Right now I have about a $2600 machine that can either work with Sony DV camcorders (which I don't have) or is rendered useless by some 'limited edition' software.

Questions: Is there a way through all of this maze. Should I change the capture card to another brand???? Should I upgrade to the next level of DVDit or Premiere???? Should I be using another brand of editing or authoring software????

Totally confused and stuck!!!

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John Q
Re: Video Capture / Editing / DVD burning
on Jan 19, 2003 at 11:32:27 pm

The simplest upgrade is to use TMPGenc to transcode your AVI to m2v format. More expensive would probably be to upgrade to Premiere 6.5, which includes the MainConcept encoder, or buy the Ligos encoder or plugin.

Personally, I'm running an RT.X100 on a dual Athlon 2100, so I can do hardware assisted realtime m2v export for DVD and then use DVDit PE to author my DVD's with Dolby AC3 audio, allowing me to squeeze more, higher quality video onto the same DVD.Cool

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Ron Evans
Re: Video Capture / Editing / DVD burning
on Jan 20, 2003 at 1:59:54 am

IF you are just starting out you might look at one of the Dazzle products like the DVC100. COnnects via USB and captures directly to MPEG2. Dazzle DVD Complete is an execellent DVD authoring package for the price and when you upgrade to a more professional edtiing and capture card you can still use the DVD package.

Ron Evans

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Re: Video Capture / Editing / DVD burning
on Sep 2, 2004 at 5:00:21 pm

Hi John,

I have a problem with trying to render to DVD format in almost all of my Software okgs that I try, whether it be

ULEAD, ROXIO, Pinnacle, or other DVD Software,

I am using XP platform, 1 GIG of memory, 250 Gig disks, actually 2 disk, 100, and second is 150. Nvidia 5500 card with 256 Meg onboard, AMD 2000 MHz Chip.

What happens, I can capture, edit whatever, burn to CD and the movie off my Sony Hi Digicam works great, problem is, when I want to render to a DVD, it will start for 5, 10, 15 mins and I get a lockup in XP, so of course I get the error msg, shut the program down and have to start all over.

I think I have an MPEG problem, or conflict with the NVIDIA Cars, or maybe it is blame on XP PRO itself as a fairly new OS.

Can you advise what I could do,

Storage requirments for 2 hr video, dictates using DVD over CD,



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Kenneth Daves
Re: Video Capture / Editing / DVD burning
on Sep 3, 2004 at 3:25:30 pm

You need to be more specific about which Roxio, Ulead and Pinnacle products you are using and about where in the authoring process your problems occur. If the programs freeze as soon as you begin the Mpeg creation process, it is at least possible that you have a conflict between the various programs. Going on 3 years ago now, I had a conflict between Video Wave 5 and Video Studio 5 and Studio 7, which was fixed by uninstalling Video Wave 5. I also had a conflict between EZ CD Creator 5(?) and Nero 5 last year, again fixed by uninstalling EZ CD Creator.

XP Pro is not your problem.

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