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DVD+R beats DVD-R BIG Time

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DVD+R beats DVD-R BIG Time
on Jan 17, 2003 at 8:36:37 pm


I live in North America East coast area. I'm deciding to buy Pioneer A05 burner very soon. And i was wondering eveytime i go into any computer store there are more and more DVD+R and DVD+RW Blank media cd on shelves as opposed to the minus (-) ones.

I need to get conviced that DVD-R with minus is a standard for a long run. Or should i buy a burner for plus (+) format?

What is you opinion?

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Gary Bettan
Re: DVD+R beats DVD-R BIG Time
on Jan 17, 2003 at 11:11:21 pm

First - Both the +R and -R formats work and deliver excellent quality DVDs that will play on almost every current DVD player.

Second - The reason you are not seeing much -R media is because old 2x media is being sold through to make room for the new 4x media. ( 1x -RW is being replaced by 2x -RW as well). We hope to have good supplies of the faster media by month end

Third - The -R format has the longest and deepest track record. It is part of the DVD Forum and it works great. We've got thousands of happy Pioneeer burner customers.

Forth - Sony. They are a founding member of the +RW camp. They have come over to the -R side.


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Re: DVD+R beats DVD-R BIG Time
on Jan 23, 2003 at 10:25:56 pm

Buy the +format. It's the best, better then all the rest. You just won't hear that from the people who work for this board. Why, they sell sell brand X aka -format.

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Re: DVD+R beats DVD-R BIG Time
on Jan 31, 2003 at 3:56:02 am

One major advantage of (-) is that the media is rougly half the price of (+). If you plan to record all sorts of stuff, or use the drive for large backups, that can save you a bucket-o-bucks.

One claim I've heard from the (+) camp is that they can support multiple sessions per disk, of course Pioneer and other have responded saying they can too, just need the S/W to support that capability.

All the noise aside, the one thing you can easily measure is the $$.

Ever wonder why you've seen all that +R media sitting on store shelves?

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Re: DVD+R beats DVD-R BIG Time
on Feb 26, 2003 at 4:36:14 am

I feel like something needs to be said about all of the claims that Sony is switching form the +R/RW side to the -R/RW side. Sony was in the -R camp long before they ever came out with a +R/RW drive, they were putting -RW drives in thier VAIO computers ever since they were available. So you can say that Sony is switching from the -R/RW side to the +R/RW side. In regards to which one win win out, I think both will live a happy life until something better comes out. However, it should be noted that Microsoft is going to be adding native support for +R/RW drives in the next version of Windows, so the +r/RW camp will get a big boost.

Also, with DELL, HP and now COMPAQ all pushing +R/RW drive in thier PCs, that equals alot of computer users. Lastly, about the claim that -R/RW media is cheaper. This is currently true, but +R media has only recently begun to show up in large quanities. I think by the end of the year +R/RW medai will be priced the same as -R/RW media.

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