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DVDR Burning Results With Panasonic DMR E30

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DVDR Burning Results With Panasonic DMR E30
on Dec 23, 2002 at 7:54:54 am

Hi Fellow DVD Authorers:

Yesterday I made the fateful decision to purchase the Panasonic DMR E30 table top DVD RAM/DVD-R recorder after much research and different model testing. In my market the unit sells for just under a $1,000.00 and I must report to you it is well worth every penny. My PC based NLE cutter has a maximum resolution of 500 lines and the Panasonic is rated in several reviews and by the company itself at 500 vertical lines.
My editing system does not have the 1394 FireWire output and neither does this DVD recorder, so I don't consider not having it as much of a serious minus. I must say I was somewhat doubtful of the results I would be able to obtain, especially without the firewire input, but I was very, very, incredibly surprised at just how good the resulting discs are from the direct dub from my NLE !!!!!!!!!!!!Laughing
I'm not exagerrating when I say this simple unit can make a DVD video disc which is on a par with commercially produced "pressed" DVD discs ! I mean it is that good. I am the kind of person who is rather critical of the images I produce and I have made side by side comparisons of test discs I received from Pioneer made on their PVR 9000 (Which sells for $3500.00 in my market)and the results from the E30 are B E T T E R than the 3.5 X MORE expensive Pioneer model. Frankly, I have to admit I am surprised at this. Sometimes the cheaper solution is the better one. The Panasonic model uses Variable Bit Rate encoding in the DVD video recording mode and this may account for what I consider to be much superior results.
The DVD Ram discs are useful for my project archiving as they are not only re-useable, but you can use 9.4 Gigabyte discs which will give you 2 hours in the maximum quality setting. You can playback while you are recording with the DVD RAM discs to see what kind of results you are getting and this is a tremendous help. Once it looks and sound right on your re-useable RAM disc, then pop in your DVDR write once disc and rock on ! When you're finished recording you just "finalize" the disc and it becomes a DVD book compliant Video disc ! It's a no brainer. There is one nice feature audiowise, which may also be available on the Pioneer models, but I am not sure ? One can chose between PCM and Dolby Digital audio encoding ! Discs made in PCM uncompressed audio sound noticeably superior to the compressed Dolby Digital mode, although, both modes sound excellent. This will be the tool to service my lower end clients who want a low priced DVD and don't necessarily care about having fancy splash screens and menu buttons.
Man have I been waiting for a solution like this one !Cool Laughing Smile Razz Laughing

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Re: DVDR Burning Results With Panasonic DMR E30
on Dec 26, 2002 at 12:49:56 am

I agree,

I bought the DMR20 a couple of months ago. Best buy cleared them out. My DirectTV recordings are perfect. My VHS to DVD recordings are absolutely perfect. My Sony digital video transfered via S-video is, WOW. Even though it is not firewire, or 16:9 these machines are great.

I do own the Pinnacle DV500DVD. But after capture, compress and burn time, the Panasonics do the best job for non edit transfers

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