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I could use a little advice

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I could use a little advice
on Dec 11, 2002 at 2:03:51 pm

Quickie background - I'm relatively new to Premiere 6.0 but I've been successfully importing MiniDV material, editing and exporting back to tape. The problem is when I want to share with others I'm limited to VHS. Solution... DVD-R.

I've been following the forums for a while lurking and reading and when VideoGuys got in the latest batch of Pioneer DVR-A05's I decided to go for it. I've been confused about which authoring package to use and after reading all the DVD-IT horror stories I decided to go with the Pinnacle Impressions bundle.

Package arrived yesterday. I installed the drive in my Dell XP system and in all of 10 minutes I was up and running. I went ahead and loaded Impression as well as the MyDVD software which came with the Pioneer.

I burnt a good DVD-R with Roxio to test the recorder. So far so good. Then I brought up Impression. I was suprised at the lack of on-screen information. No wizards, not much help, etc. But I muddled through. I had a 38-minute AVI ( ~8GB )of one of my projects already exported from Premiere. I added this to my assets. When I went to burn the DVD-R Impression warned me that it might not fit on the DVD. It seemed like it was looking at the 8GB file.

I didn't want to make a coaster so I decided to try MyDVD. Unlike Impression, it seemed a lot more intuitive. I was able to create a menu, import my AVI and burn a DVD. And it worked and plays fine in my Toshiba SD-1600 stand-alone player.

Now I'm beginning to think I made a big mistake paying $199 extra for the Impression software. Or perhaps I should have just gotten DVD-IT. Obviously I need to spend some more time with the software but it just seems very user unfriendly. Is Impression really a good package ? I mean, it looked good when I researched it prior to purchase.

Why did it think my 38-minute movie was too long ? I have a lot of learn about the whole DVD creation process. I've also played with TMPenc for creating MPEG-2 material to play on the PC. TMPenc is supposed to be a very good encoder. How can I use it as the source material for Impressions ?

Please excuse the long post... I have too many questions. Once I get off the ground I know things will start making sense. I'm just thrilled my first DVD-R wasn't a coaster.

BTW, I haven't had much luck yet with DVD-RW. I formatted one but not sure what software is required to write to it. :-) Duh !

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