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Impression Prob, Unable to Build Successfully

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Impression Prob, Unable to Build Successfully
on Nov 4, 2002 at 11:04:31 pm

have owned Impression Pro 2.2.1 for approximately one week. I am currently trying to get a 1 hour 36 minute presentation onto DVD. Everything I have done works fine in simulation. Currently, I am using 3 true color menus without motion, 16 chapters. I first tried by importing an avi directly and working with it. Second, I converted to MPEG 2 using Pinnacle Editions recommendations for exporting MPEG 2 for further authoring in Impression (MPEG2-IPB Stream). Which creates a m2v, two mono wav files, one stereo wav file and a mpa file (THIS TOOK 12 HOURS TO EXPORT TO THEIR SETTINGS). I experienced the same error doing this both ways. Therefore, I took a 30 second commercial from one of my productions and imported as an avi, created 10 second chapters, created simple menu linking to chapters and had a successful build and burn to Sony DRU-500A on a RW+ that plays in my set top player. I then did the same thing from Edition as a MPEG2-IPB Stream and it also worked.

So does anyone have a suggestion on what might be happening to prevent a successful build on the longer program?

The error message occurs after the menus are built and during the Video_TS building process. It states something similar to "The program was requested to terminate in an abnormal way." (That's not exact but the general gist. I am going to try this again and when the error message appears I will cut and paste into this thread.

I am using a dual PIII 933, 640 mb RDRAM, 140 GB hard drives, DV500PLUS, Sony DRU 500 A.

Any help would be wonderful.

I am going to try the .mpv workaround now

Error Message as follows:

Runtime Error!

Program: C:Program Files...Impression.exe

abnormal program termination

Status in build was


After clicking ok on the above message the following message was displayed.

The memory could not be read.

The VTS_01 File has about 53 seconds of excellent video/audio I am able to view using PowerDVD

Chris Argo

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Re: Impression Prob, Unable to Build Successfully
on Nov 26, 2002 at 2:24:07 am

How about file size. I have a 1:45 video that totals out 5.9 GB.

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