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Re: Vob to DVD-R solution?

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Re: Vob to DVD-R solution?
on Sep 21, 2002 at 2:10:02 pm

The ifo files are critical for dvd playback. Without them, the vob files are nothing more than useless data on a disc from your set top players perspective. That's why authoring applications are so expensive--they create the files necessary to instruct your dvd player how to handle the vob files. The vob files themselves are just the video/audio/and subpicture streams combined into one--of which the majority of the work was done outside the authoring application to create them (encoding). Although obviously an important step, the authoring application only 'bundles' (multiplexes) all these files together. As important, and absolutely necessary for your disc to play, is the file containing all the information like how your menu buttons will work, where to go to when you select 'next', switching audio streams, etc--which is the ifo file. In short, you can't 'get there from here'. I would suggest going to best buy and purchase the previously viewed dvd's for ~$9.99--great price and you save a lot of your time just trying to get a substandard 'copy' of the commercial dvd onto a dvd-r. Most commercial dvd's are dual layer now, and what you're trying to do strips all the menus and requires you to use two discs--which if you are using at least good quality media is going to run you at least half, if not more than that, the cost of the pre-viewed dvd itself.
On another note, what you are asking about (in addition to your other post) is how to circumvent copyright protective mechanisms, which I don't think is appropriate for this site or forum. There are other places that deal directly with this, and without speaking for videoguys, this site is connected to a retail business and topics like this can potentially get them in trouble. My two cents.

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