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Going Crazy! Help! DVD recognized, but wont playbk

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Going Crazy! Help! DVD recognized, but wont playbk
on Aug 18, 2002 at 2:45:23 pm

I am trying a couple different software packages that allow me to put my Mpeg2 video into a DVD compilation, and then it will burn it to a CD-R or DVD-R.

(I'm trying Dazzle's DVDComplete demo and Ulead's DVD MovieFactory)

I seem to get everything in place, Videos, Menus, etc...
and can successfully burn everything in a DVD "Format" to a CD-R.
(Since I don't have a DVD Writer... yet..;)

I go into PowerDVD on the computer to play it back, and BOOM! Everything looks great!

I take the newly-burned CD over to my DVD player in the living room, which is a nice, cheap little APEX DVD player, that plays
every type of file format known to man. Mpeg, Avi, Mp3, MpegII etc...

I put the CD in that player, and instead of the "DVD" autorunning,
I am taken to the file selection menu, where I see the folders
on the CD. (AUDIO_TS, VIDEO_TS, etc etc...)
I just cant get the darned thing to kick off to the main
menu! I get the same results using both software packages.

VideoCDs on the other hand will play in the living room player.. Menu and all... it seems it is only the "DVD simulated" CD-R
that does not kick off.


Is this a common problem, is there something easy I am missing?

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Re: Going Crazy! Help! DVD recognized, but wont pl
on Aug 18, 2002 at 3:18:16 pm

There are very few dvd set top players that can play DVDonCD format. Your computer is smarter if you will and can recognize that the video_ts folder means it should be playing it like a dvd. However, your set top player will recognize the media (in this case a CD) and will look for supported formats to play--ie cda for music discs, VCD and SVCD's, mp3, jpeg, etc. If you select the video_ts directory while playing it in your Apex, you will probably be able to get it to play the VOB files (which contain your video and audio), but it will not play via your menus.

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Okay.. Let me ask this then....
on Aug 18, 2002 at 4:51:16 pm

Since SVCDs work in the APEX DVD player,
Is there any utilites out there that will convert clips from
720x480 to 480x240
(Is that correct? Is SVCD 480x240?)

In fact.. scratch that.. I know TMPGENC does that...
Let me change my question to:
Now that I can play SVCD on the APEX instead of DVD, :(
is there a way to play the SVCD on the PC?
PowerDVD says it doesnt support 'that type' of disc....

Arrrgh! :)
Isnt there anyway I can get a great-quality CDR to work
on both the APEX player and the Computer?
(With using some kind of menu system, I dont want to have to 'browse' and start the files just by burning a data CD)

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Re: Okay.. Let me ask this then....
on Aug 18, 2002 at 6:09:46 pm

I would just try using windows media player. You can launch media player and go to 'file'>'open' and search for you SVCD and look at it's file and folder structure, and look in the MPEG2 folder and you should be able to see your files. Select one and see if it plays. If you have the latest version of media player you can load the file sequentially in the play list and they will play in order (assuming you had more than one file on your SVCD).

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