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Video editing software and/or hardware question...

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Video editing software and/or hardware question...
on Feb 22, 2005 at 2:43:09 pm

right now I'm editing on a Matrox rtx100 with premiere pro, I'm thinking of building another system. I dont want to build another premiere system and I am considering Liquid edition 6 Pro, is this software as good as they say it is?

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Gary Bettan
Re: Video editing software and/or hardware questio
on Feb 26, 2005 at 2:37:39 pm

YES IT IS! We're very big fans of it. Premeire Pro is very good, but I just love that so many valuable features are built into and fully integrated with LE6. Here is what I had to say about LE6 in our 2004 top 10 products article:

One of the most overlooked 'features' of Liquid Edition 6 is just how many tools are packed into this application. You don't have to buy any special plug-ins or utilities or hardware to get the job done since Pinnacle has already included all this, and more:

* Multicam - the most time saving tool of all. It makes editing multiple sources of video dramatically easier.
* DVD authoring - integrated on the timeline w/ motion menus, AC3 surround sound and excellent MPEG2 encoding
* 3D FX - Galore! Tons to choose from, all with excellent keyframing tools for complete control of your transitions and effects. Sure some of the HFX get cheesy, but many of them also emulate DVEs being used by the network broadcasters.
* Color Correction - Superb. You can use a little or go crazy. Did you know there are books available that teach you how to become a professional colorist? I'm not suggesting you go that far, but if you did, LE6 would be up to the task.
* MPEG2 & HDV editing - sure other applications will have these features or plan to add them with a plug-in. With LE6 you get both. You can capture directly into MPEG2, edit and then go to DVD. You can capture native HDV, and edit it without any additional encoding. This saves time and maintains the original quality of the video.
* Analog In/Out - The LE6 Pro breakout Box- "Robert" as it's known around here - delivers this and much more. I can't edit without having an NTSC monitor to watch my work on. All too often what looks great on the VGA preview window just doesn't cut it on the NTSC output. I find this especially important for color correction, title sequences and compositing with 3 or more layers.
* Background rendering - I'm still amazed that other NLEs don't have this features yet. I hate waiting for renders. It's not the time it takes, but the way it interrupts my editing. When I'm in the "Editing Zone" I lose track of time and everything around me. I'm incredibly productive at this point. Waiting for a render knocks me out of the 'zone'. With LE6, the only time I have to stop editing is to go to the bathroom ;-)
* Multiple Sequences - I often find myself coming to a split in the road when editing. Do I do it this way, or try out this other idea? With LE6 you can do both! You save what you have as two different sequences, then edit away on them both. When I do this, I rarely end up going with A or B. Most times I find a way to create sequence C, which pulls in the best of both! I've also done this with my DVD authoring - creating two versions. One with limited navigation to just play the movie, the other with more menus and options.
* Storyboard editing - this is something Dennis Radeke, Pinnacle's Edition Guru, brought to my attention with LE5, and I must say I use it often. I'll make a rough-cut of the video by dragging thumbnails into the workspace and trimming them. When my rough-cut is complete, I'll send it over to the timeline for finishing.
* Variable Speed Control - In Edition it's called Dynamic Time Warps (Sony Vegas calls them velocity envelopes). I use them all the time in my sports videos of the kids. It's a fun and powerful tool. You can change the speed of the clip over its duration. As an example I like to slow the speed down gradually as the pitch comes in and the batter swings - then I speed it up to full speed as the ball hits the bat. It makes for a great effect and adds drama to the sequence.

There's even more! I'm sure everyone has a couple of favorites. For the money, no other application comes close to the feature set of Pinnacle's Liquid Edition 6!

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Re: Video editing software and/or hardware questio
on Feb 28, 2005 at 8:06:00 pm

thanks a lot.I have another question about LE6.
I will be getting a dvx100a soon, and was wondering if LE6 compares to avid in 24p support.

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