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Export to DV from Premiere

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Export to DV from Premiere
on Oct 7, 2004 at 9:14:47 pm

Well, i now have 3 projects sitting on my hdds and cant export them with out glitches... other people have had similiar problems, why is there no solution? I thought i had solved my problem, but it came back and bit me in the butt. Now what do i do?

1.1 Ghz AMD
40 gig system
80 gig final video
2 120 gig capture drives
firewire (texas Instruments) and (Via)

Monster firewire cable.

I import capture clips to premiere 6.5 no problem. I can edit, do all kinds of wonderful effects, as much audio as i want... then export to a file, avi dv2. Make say a 24 gig file. Load up new project with this file in it, click export to tape, ie firewire, runs nice... runs nice, BANG: glitch. Like a digital dropout. Happens randomly... more than once in this 2 hr video... how do i fix??? All suggestions needed and wanted... have tried lots of stuff.. looking for some really big help on this.

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John Q
Re: Export to DV from Premiere
on Oct 8, 2004 at 5:09:38 am

You say you have two 120G capture drives. How are they configured? Where are they connected?

Your capture drive needs to be on another ATA port from the boot drive, as only one ATA drive can communicate on a single port at a time, and the boot drive will always have priority, causing dropouts. The best place is on the motherboard secondary IDE port. The motherboard IDE ports do not use the PCI bus interface, so they have higher bandwidth than a card plugged into a PCI slot. Other ports, like Promise RAID ports, also interface through the PCI bus, so they function exactly like a card plugged into the bus.

What motherboard are you using? Via chipsets are notoriously bad on their PCI bus bandwidth.

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Re: Export to DV from Premiere
on Oct 8, 2004 at 8:31:05 am


This problem has come up on these forums.

I have experienced the same issue on my machine.

My conclusion: not all firewire cards are created equally. If you are having random dropped frames, glitches, etc. that don't seem to get better even after changing drive locations, eliminating competing software etc...

PLEASE try replacing your firewire card. I highly recommend the ADS Pyro.

Since installing the ADS Pyro, I no longer have glitches. They all went away! No glitches, no stutters, no dropped frames, no problems at all.

When you find a good solution, let us know what worked for you.

I hope this helps.


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