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MSPro7-Getting audio levels set right? Tone Gen?

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MSPro7-Getting audio levels set right? Tone Gen?
on Jul 26, 2004 at 12:16:02 pm

What's the best way to get the audio levels set right in MSPro7?

In the audio timeline . . . where would 0db level be? All the way to the top?

I've got NCH tone gen software and save the files as .wav. It gives me options as to how many tones to produce in the file. I assume I need 2, one for each channel (stereo), right? It also takes over the Windows volume so I can specify 0db output. But, the more tones generated the louder that gets.

Can anyone tell me how they control their's? I've never been good at audio . . . .

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Re: MSPro7-Getting audio levels set right? Tone Ge
on Jul 27, 2004 at 2:18:57 pm

What are you trying to accomplish? In MSP 7, you can adjust the output level higher or lower than the input level. Clicking on the audio line gives you a controllable point. If you want to vary the rate of audio change, you can either increase the number of points and move them manually, or you can use the auto settings for fades and cross-fades in audio...

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Re: MSPro7-Getting audio levels set right? Tone Ge
on Jul 28, 2004 at 12:41:35 pm

OK . . .

Video - people walk toward the camera, sound gets louder. As they turn their back and/or walk away, it gets less.

Without something to guage it by there's no way to tell how much to increase or decrease the volume in the audio track to compensate to give a constant output volume. Other than simply changing it and listening to try to make it right.

With a set tone created first, I run the audio out to a meter. With a 0db tone output I set the meter to show exactly 0db. Now, any volume changes in the audio I need to make I use the "amplify" filter and work it until I only have peaks a 0db. This ensures that all the audio is the same.

My question is: With the tone generator program (maybe I should find a mechanical tone gen that will always create an actual 0db tone), anyway . . . with this progam it says it takes over the Win volume and makes it create exactly 0db. But what I found is that it has options of how many tones to create, up to 10.

With 1-tone the .wav levels (blue lines) fills about 1/4 of the audio timeline, I found that I was having to lower almost all my audio to match.

With 2-tones the .wav fills about 1/2 of the audio. That seems to be the right one. Most of the audio I can leave alone, only those few where the sound is weak.

As I check more and more # of tones, the .wav file fills more of the timeline. I then would have to increase all the audio.

So . . . I'm set at 2 tones (I assume one for each channel)...

BUT! When I have my every TV volume set at a comfortable level to watch movies or programs, Playing a DV tape that I've made the volume is lower always lower. If I increase my project up to 3 tones the volume is closer to the broadcast out put. Should I try to match this or is this a level that is set a the Broadcast station?

I was wondering if there was a way to monitor output voulume in MSPro7. I haven't been able to find it. Moving the audio line up and down only tells me how much CHANGE I'm inducing into the file (% and db level), NOT the actual output levels.

I'm OK with what I have now.

By the way, if anyone wants a "lead-in" .avi file of 5 sec color bars with tone, and 5 sec countdown I will try to put it somewhere for you to download.

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