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NAB2004 report (part 3) Avid puts it all t

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Gary Bettan
NAB2004 report (part 3) Avid puts it all t
on May 22, 2004 at 2:47:50 pm

Videoguys' NAB2004 report (part III) Avid puts it all together!

At last year's NAB show Avid stunned the industry with the introduction of their DNA line - Digital Non-linear Accelerators. These external devices unlocked additional real-time features and performance beyond those achievable with software alone. We've had tremendous success with Avid Xpress Pro & Avid Mojo and now we're going to leverage that success with the full force of Avid's
software offerings. The new products are called Avid Xpress Studio and they ROCK!

Avid Xpress Studio = Xpress Pro 4.5 video editing + Digidesign ProTools (LE) audio editing +DigiDesign hardware + SoftImage 3D animation + Boris FX Red + Sonic DVD Authoring

What does that mean? How about being able to preview your audio and video in perfect sync on a television monitor via Mojo. While we're at it, let's get real-time previews of our Avid FX, 3D animations, video editing and DVD creation via Mojo as well. Are you getting the picture yet? Avid also worked with Boris FX and Sonic to create special versions of their software just for Avid. Avid DVD producer integrates with Xpress Pro to allow you to export chapter points, thumbnails and other metadata directly from the timeline. Avid FX is a special version of Boris Red that taps into Xpress Pro's real-time OpenGL engine and Mojo for unprecedented 3D filters and FX performance.

Avid Xpress Studio comes in two flavors; Essentials and Complete:

Avid Xpress Studio Essentials: End-to-end functionality in a single integrated package $3,995
- Avid Xpress Pro 4.5
- Avid Pro Tools LE
- Digidesign Mbox dual-channel micro-studio
- Avid 3D from SoftImage
- Avid FX by Boris FX
- Avid DVD by Sonic

Avid Xpress Studio Complete: Take your creativity to the next level. Five integrated applications plus the Digi 002 automated control surface and the Avid Mojo Digital Nonlinear Accelerator for added real-time power. $6,995
- Avid Xpress Pro 4.5
- Avid Mojo Digital Nonlinear Accelerator
- Avid Pro Tools LE
- Digi 002 automated control surface
- Avid 3D from SoftImage
- Avid FX by Boris FX
- Avid DVD by Sonic

We will be offering a wide range of upgrade paths for Xpress Pro owners (with and without Mojo) as well as owners of older versions of Xpress DV. If you already own ProTools le, Digi002 or Mbox give us a call, we're going to have special upgrade opportunities for you as well! Order your upgrades before June 23 for even more savings!

Avid Xpress Studio info & upgrades:

Avid doesn't just go HD, they re-invent it!

As we noted earlier HD was the big buzz at NAB2004. Avid understands that all of their customers, from prosumer to broadcast professional, have HD in their future. Avid also knows that editing and moving around HUGE uncompressed HD video files just isn't practical. What is needed is a top quality compression
that will make editing and working with HD footage more efficient. At NAB2004 Avid introduced a new HD compression they call DNxHD. I could, and probably will, write an entire article just explaining this breakthrough technology.

Instead I'm going to leave it at this: DNxHD makes working with HD better, and it allows for sharing HD files and data across a wide range of platforms, NLEs and even locations. Let the DNxHD revolution begin!

As part of their complete HD strategy, Avid announced that the Xpress Pro 5.0 upgrade, scheduled for year-end release, will include support for capturing and editing native HDV footage. The coolest part of all – it will be a $50 upgrade for Xpress Pro 4.5 owners!!

Videoguys' Avid page:

FREE Keyboard & Training w/ Avid Xpress Pro with Mojo

Avid Xpress Pro & Avid Mojo combine to offer you the most powerful Real-Time NLE solution for DV.

With Xpress Pro, Avid has added a bunch of new tools that the more professional editor has been demanding. JKL keyboard shortcuts make trimming clips easier than ever. The already superb color correction has been made even better with a new expert automatic color correction tool that can color balance your entire
video for you with the click of a mouse. Xpress Pro now supports 15:1s and other off line Avid editing resolutions for compatibility with all Avid systems new and old. Better still, all of the Avid PowerPack goodies – Image Stabilizer, Film Tools and Illusion FX are included in Xpress Pro. So is Sorenson Squeeze
and Sonic Reel DVD le!

Hands down the best new thing about Xpress Pro is Mojo. Mojo is an EXTERNAL device that attaches to your laptop or workstation via FireWire. What Mojo then does is nothing short of remarkable. Real-Time analog & DV output for up to 5 streams of video! WOW! Want even more - how about the ability to capture and
edit uncompressed video?!? With Xpress Pro & Mojo you can mix DV and uncompressed footage in the same timeline. No need to waste disk space when DV quality is all you need. You only use uncompressed when you really need it – for heavy-duty title and graphics and for complex compositing.

Order today and get a FREE Bella EZ Keyboard Pro w/ built in Jog/Shuttle, Editing with Avid Xpress Pro Training DVD and Avid Editing Book (over $250 value)

Click here for more info and to order Xpress Pro & Mojo Bundle!:

Avid Xpress DV 4 - The perfect tool for getting started in Video Editing

If you are new to video editing or you want to get more serious about it, why not go with the same tool used to produce more than 85% of the shows you watch on television today? The Avid Xpress DV interface and underlying technology is the same toolset used by professional video editors all over the world.

Just because professionals use Avid every day doesn't mean you can't. The Avid way of editing video is the industry standard. Whenever a new NLE software title gets released by the competition, the one comment you keep seeing is that it has
a more Avid-like look & feel. Why settle for anything less than the real thing!

We realize that many consumers feel that Avid editing is intimidating and demanding. This is a misconception. We now include an Avid Editing with Avid Xpress Pro Training DVD and Avid Editing Book with every Xpress DV 4 purchase. With these great training guides - written by Avid, you'll become an Avid editor
in no time at all!

Click here for more info or to order Avid Xpress DV 4:

Hurry! NAB2004 $20 Instant Rebate expires 5/24/04

Videoguys' NAB2004 $20 Instant Rebate
As part of our new and improved online shopping system we can now offer INSTANT REBATE COUPONS!! Just place your order online and put coupon code NAB2004 in the coupon space and you will receive an instant $20 rebate on any order over $400!!

Coupon Code: NAB2004
$20 Instant Rebate on orders over $400
(before shipping & tax, coupon expires 5/24/04)

You can also use this coupon when you call in your order at 800 323-2325 Just give your salesman the coupon code when you order.

You can use the NAB2004 Instant Rebate on any Avid system or when you pre-order Avid Xpress Pro Studio full versions or upgrades!

Click here for more NAB2004 specials:

Gary / The Electronic Mailbox 800 323-2325
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