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eidting Software Puzzle...?

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eidting Software Puzzle...?
on May 10, 2004 at 4:28:24 pm

We are looking into a new Video Editing venture. We have our basic station basically laid out, but not opurahsed yet. We are looking at the following type machine.

HP P4, 3.4 Ghz Hyperthreaded 800 Front Bus
250Gig Hard Drive
8x DVD writer and CD combo
DVD Rom 16X max
Nvidia GeForce FX 5600 AGP 8x Graphics
128mb ddr video
Firewire and USB ports
Integrated Audio Dolby 5.1
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 card with 6.1 Dolby
MS Win XP Media Center Edition..._This is supposed to be a hyper edition of Win. XP Professional?

Our basic funcion first is to want to edit still images to a movie or slideshow. I have been given lots of info on various starter programs, but nothing seems to be like Pinnacle Studio 8 that we have. We are not set up to burn to DVD or other formats, so the only experiance I have is in making the slideshows, not the actual attempt to burning to various formats. Does anyone have any good experiance on burning to differing media for Studio 8?

We are completely frustrated with tryng to find a good quality editing software package. Our basic package now is Pinnacle Studio 8. Great for starting out. We looked at Pinnacle 9 but reviews here as elsewhere say it is a complete disaster for burning to DVD and crashes and lousy support. Even the Pinnacle site reviews are lousy.

We have heard good things about Uleads Media Studio 7 but the download will not work on my former slow machine. I have tried the DVD picture show which seems very basic, and not to my liking as well as alsmost every other Ulead video product. Nothing seems to come close to my liking as Pinnacle Studio 8.

Researching software for over two weeks I am still confused as ever. It just seems that the basic home to intermeidate stuff has too many bugs on one end or the other. Seems to me it would just be worthwhile to buy a high end product off the batt and forego this home user or intermediate stuff. Any suggestions?

The only other two things I have not tried are a Roxio or Vegas product.

At this point, until I learn more the Pinnacle Studio 8 seems to work fine, however I need to learn how to burn to different media. If anyone has a really, really good line on a high end product versus all this little so called video editing software would be much appreicated.

As a footnote we are also ignorant of the many formats to burn to. The macine we are looking at says it only burns to DVD+R. there is so much confusing information on how to burn, the codecs? and the formats...

As a simple review, we would like to be able to burn from someones vhs tape to DVD, take it to the puter edit and burn it back to dvd. We are totally consed as to DVD burners, editors and wheater or not you can burn to a DVD on your puter or better to have some stand alone device that can burn to both old and new formats?

Any help or advice appriciated.


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Re: eidting Software Puzzle...?
on May 11, 2004 at 12:18:17 pm

I know of two folks with no complaints about their editing software. It just works great, and they both use their software to help earn their living. One uses a Mac G5 with Apple's Final Cut. The other uses Canopus software while occasionally dipping into the Adobe Premeire tool bag for some tricks that Premiere handles better.

As far as reviews go, Yes, I notice they are all pretty rosy. I enjoy my MSP 6.5 and even the trial MSP 7, but I have found enough bugs and quirks that could easily fill a page of notes longer than the Jerry Jones glowing review.

I cannot get Avid Free to work on my machine and have given up.

I am about to check out Premiere Pro 1.5. Looks enticing! (Only a 100Mb download!) I'll be able to get back to you on details of this software in about 2 weeks.


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Re: eidting Software Puzzle...?
on May 11, 2004 at 10:17:29 pm

It looks to me like this Canopus Product is a winner for your still image editing.

You can check out the samples files. No free trial software though. Add the Photoalbum software and you can get features that show their photos opening up in a flying album. Cool.

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