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Premiere doesn't need capture card, correct ?

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Premiere doesn't need capture card, correct ?
on Apr 11, 2004 at 1:59:33 pm

I hope Premiere doesnt need a capture card as I seem to remember being told in the distant past ! All you need is a means of getting a video and audio signal into your pc and it does the rest !
...will this lot do ?

What do I select in Adobe Premiere to start recording, do I indicate sound and video input sources within it, does it suss the sources itself...and whats best format for quality footage capture for later editing ?

I am approaching I hope my goal of being able to convert S-VHS, VHS, Betamax and Hi8 footage from VCR/camcorder onto DVD.

I have Pentium 3.2Ghz 2Gb ram Pc with WinXPhome, with Plextor DVD writer and Teac DVD reader. 20Gb partition for video creation on 2nd HD.
Geforce FX5950 ultra with Svideo in socket
Audigy2 Platinum with choice of red/white phono in, or firewire in
Also a WinTVgo by Hauppauge model 607 (yellow video phono sckt and 3.5mm jplug sound in and out)

Software I have is Adobe Premiere 6.5

VCR is an S-VHS model with Svideo out sckt, also scart out and obviously coax out. (and inputs phonos yel/red/white and also Svideo on front)

I gather that the best way to convert Hi8 analog to digital is to borrow a Hi8 camcorder (mine's dead) and plumb it into the MiniDV Panasonic MX8 I have which does the conversion 'on the fly'.
This MX8 has :-
a 3.5mm sckt called AVin/out Phones.
Another called D.Still Picture.
An Svideo in/out.
An 8 pin square with rounded side sckt called Digital (to USB)/EDIT(mini) ( I use to plumb into usb PC and transfer stills from camcorder)
A square sckt called DV which takes a firewire lead.

SO NOW I WONDER...Just what do I do to convert the aforementioned footage and record it as high quality onto DVD ?
...and how best to plumb in the VCR and the camcorders

Also wondering if for camcorder footage I am best to use the firewire and phono red/white just on the Audigy ? (no firewire on the Motherboard oddly enough (its an MSI 875p neo). Does Firewire in fact transfer sound as well (yes I am a newbie at this but a master at photoshop and graphics ! ).

Can I use PC as a VCR as the Hauppauge receives TV in theory ! When I manage to get an aerial plumbed into it, it should tune into cable and Antenna. Bit disillusioned at moment though as got nowhere through plumbing VCR into it with coax, scanning found no signal. Tried test signal and footage, perhaps need scart to yellow phono ??...many hours wasted.

Over to you please as confused.


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Kenneth Daves
Re: Premiere doesn't need capture card, correct ?
on Apr 11, 2004 at 4:22:33 pm

I doubt that the Hauppage device is capable of capturing at either the resolution or frame rate needed for producing quality DVD's.

Using the DV camcorder to digitize the analog video is a much better choice. I won't tell you how to do it because it should be explained in your DV camcorder manual.

20GB is not much room for storing DV .avi and the files needed for editing/DVD creation.

If you connect the Hauppauge directly to a cable or antenna or to the coaxial cable output from a VCR that is connected to the cable or antenna coaxial cable, then the Hauppauge device becomes your TV tuner and you can use the Hauppauge software to search for active channels. If you connect the Hauppauge A/V inputs to the A/V outputs from the VCR you will need to set the Hauppauge device for "A/V in" and use the VCR as a tuner.

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