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Wanting to know more about Pinnacle software...

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the warmth
Wanting to know more about Pinnacle software...
on Oct 31, 2003 at 1:44:31 am

Hi, im new to this whole forum postings. Im in my second year of college in television broadcasting and as an assignment we are suppose to go into a forum and ask a question that would might be answered about something new in the post production area.

So i was looking through the "Post Magazine" and i came along Pinnacle software. it looked pretty cool. and i was realy interested in it cause i use final cut pro for my assignments. So my question is:

" What is the advantages of pinnacle to final cut?"
As well as if you could give me aditional info on what its capable of doing?

Thanks alot and i hope to hear back from you.
talk to ya


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Gary Bettan
Re: Wanting to know more about Pinnacle software..
on Oct 31, 2003 at 2:10:22 am

The simple truth is that you can buy Edition and a screaming fast P4 machine for under $2,500. A machine that will run circles around a G5. It's pretty well documented that Apple has intentionally misled the public by calling the G5 a desktop PC, and therebuy not having to compare it to workstation class P4 machines costing a fraction of the G5.

But lets throw all of that out the window and assume (incorrectly) that you can get a G5 or a Pentium 4 machine with the same power for the same price. What to buy FCP or Edition. For the best advice - answer these questions:

1) Is making a DVD important for you? If yes, Edition 5 has integrated DVD authoring. You can author and create your DVD directly from the timeline, then burn directly to disk. This is very cool and it can save you many hours of work.

2) Do you like 3D FX and transitions? I love them. Nothing comes close to Edition in real-time 3D capabilities. You can have up to 5 layers of video flying around the screen doing flips, curls and even more animated FX. I love Hollywood FX animated transitions, and it's all real-time in Edition.

3) Do you hate sitting around doing nothing while you render? With Edition this NEVER happens. Edition renders in the background. While it's working, you go on editing. The faster your machine, the faster the background rendering. Invest in dual processor hyperthreaded P4s and you'll have even the most complex sequences playing back from the timeline as fast as you can create them.

4) Color correction. FCP has a temporary lead in this area. While I can't go into details, those familiar with Pinnacles Liquid line swear by it's color correction. Edition owners will soon be saying the same thing.

5) Stability. Check out 2-pop and the other Mac forums. FCP4 isn't working so great for a good many users. And Apple doesn't have any of the compatibility challenges the PC side has. Apple is the only source for the hardware and the software - yet problems exist. Shame on Apple.

6) Oh yeah, cost. Edition software is $649.95. With the pro hardware it's $999.95. Many users qulaify for the $499.95 trade-up to Edition Pro. FCP4 is $999.95 and that doesn't include any DVD authoring at all.

I realize that many Mac users love their Mac and FCP. It is a very good solution for many editors - especially those with big fat wallets. I just don't see it as worth the huge premium Apple charges for the hardware. To me, it's great software with a $3,000 dongle.

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