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Why is my system dropping frames? Help!!!

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Scott Cape
Why is my system dropping frames? Help!!!
on Jul 17, 2002 at 7:37:13 pm

I purchased a Pinnacle DV-200 package from the Electonic Mailbox a few months ago but due to circumstances am just now getting around to building my "editing system". System is now all built and my first attempt to capture video was a nightmare. Capturing through Premiere 6 it was dropping frames by the hundreds. My DV-200 board is the red TI board. I have also tried a PYRO Digital Video 1394DV Card (which is also a Texas Instruments based card). It gave the same results. I will detail my system below and you can see that I should not be experiencing. In addition I have done all of the Win 98 "tweaks" on videoguys support page. I don't understand what I could possibly be missing.

My System:

Operating System - Windows 98 Second Edition

SuperMicro mini server case with 400watt power supply

GigaByte GA-7DXR Motherboard (has onboard Promise UDMA ATA100 IDE RAID)

AMD Athlon XP 1600+ CPU

1GB PC2100 memory (pair of Kingston 512MB DDR Memory)

Matrox G550 32MB DDR, Dual Head Video card (color depth set to 16 bit, resolution is 1024 x 768)

On IDE Channel 1:
Master - IBM, 30GB, 7200RPM - this is my system drive
Slave - Sony CD ROM Drive

On IDE Channel 2:
Master - Samsung 8GB HD - this is a utility drive which I have 1GB fixed swap file. (am also running Norton Speed Disk from Norton Utilities 3.0 with Optimize Swap File checked)
Slave - Yamaha CD-RW

On the on board Promise RAID controller I am running an exact pair of IBM Deskstar 75GXP (7200RPM, ATA100, 2MB Buffer), 30 GB HArd Drives in a type 0 configuration.

I have the on board sound disabled and am running a Ego-Sys Wave terminal 2496 Sound card.

I have a D-Link PCI 10/100 network card
I do not have a modem installed.

Pinnacle DV-200 Firewire card.

Monitor - (not that it matters) is a ViewSonic PF790 - 19" Perfect Flat

My camcorder is a Sony DCR-TRV20

I originally had it set up with the Pinnacle DV200 drivers installed. With those drivers it would not even communicate with my camcorder. Premiere gave a message something to the effect of Device Control not functioning.

So on Pinnacles web site and on Adobe's website I learned that if I reinstall the DV200 with Texas Instruments OHCI-compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller driver which when I did, now I could control the camcorder from the capture window in Premiere. Actually capturing video however is another story. It stuttered for several seconds and then stopped for a few seconds and then started back stuttering for a few seconds and so on. It does this same behavior by the way even if not capturing video. Even if I am just playing video in the capture window, it acts the same way.

Thinking this may be a compatibility issue between Adobe Premiere and the DV200 board, I went out and purchased a ADS Pyro Digital Video 1394DV Card. It behaves the same way, which leads me to cross off the capture board(s) as possible culprits.

Somebody please help me - I am on the verge of committing Mac-ism!

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Re: Why is my system dropping frames? Help!!!
on Jul 17, 2002 at 9:02:50 pm

Hi there
I was having the same problem with my DV200, most of the time it occurred after the computer was running for along time so I just firgured the hard drive was too hot and usually after I'd turn it off for awhile and let it cool down it would capture fine for awhile. I saw in your computer discription you have a very fast computer and 2 hard drives which should create less work for the drives, rather than just 1 drive. I was watching tech tv and it said that you should have both hard drives slaved together, not to a cd drive as they won't run as fast, I can't remember the exact reason why it won't run as fast but they seem to know what they are talking about. So maybe you could try hooking your harddrives up together, that might help things out. Also it could be do to the settings that you are trying to capture with. Are you recording with 12bit or 16bit audio, a few times I had recorded my video with 16bit and then was trying to capture with the 12bit settings and it dropped hundreds of frames and then I realized it was 16bit I had recorded on and switched my capture settings and it captured fine. Hope this helps, believe me I've had my fair share of frustrations, good luck, if ya figure it out could you please let me know, it'll probably help me out too!
Good Luck!!!

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Kenneth Daves
Re: Why is my system dropping frames? Help!!!
on Jul 18, 2002 at 2:18:23 am

I cannot tell you what to do, but I have two questions.
1. Why Windows 98SE on your computer?
2. Why 16-bit color on your monitor?

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Jon Jon
Re: Why is my system dropping frames? Help!!!
on Aug 1, 2002 at 12:17:01 am

You can try W2K and SCSI HD. ATA HB are to slow!!

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Re: Why is my system dropping frames? Help!!!
on Aug 2, 2002 at 4:56:41 pm

While I agree with you Jon Jon on SCSI drives being good, I would disagree with you on the ATA drives.
I have never dropped even one frame. I use two 80GB-7200 IBM drives in a RAID-0 configuration. Several other folks here use ATA drives even as just one drive for video data and report no frames dropped.
So the dropped frames problem must be something else. If it was the ATA drives, all users of them would have problems.
I would suggest (haven't read every post, so maybe this is redundant) making sure your drive is defragged.
Hundreds of frames being dropped though would take a lot of fragmentation to happen. So defragging will help, but isn't likely the whole problem.
Another matter too, in case heat is an issue, is that on my video data drives, I mounted HD cooling fans. I can run my system for 12 or more hours without a problem. I use Win2K, with 512 Meg RDRAM, 1.6Mhz P4 w/512K cache. MB has built in RAID.


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Jon Jon
Re: Why is my system dropping frames? Help!!!
on Aug 3, 2002 at 12:00:14 am

I se you know what you do. But my experience are good with this style:
System HD ATA
Library HD ATA
Video HD SCSI-#1 for temporary files and for sound ang graphic for work (18 GB)
#2 and #3 for capturing (18+36 GB)
#4 for renderind of project.
I runing W2K ower two years and my system is ON all the time.
All SCSI are 10K and for ewery each I use coling fan to. Best way to do.
What I do not is runing two or mor projects in one time. ( you can make it pretty mess between temporary files)
Sorry abouth my english i learn self only fifth years.

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