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VideoWave 4.0/Dell/Dazzle "Mojave" bridg

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VideoWave 4.0/Dell/Dazzle "Mojave" bridg
on Dec 5, 2002 at 12:14:32 am

Hi Folks,

I'm not trying to waste people's time with questions about this sick combination of software and hardware; however, this configuration is routinely sold by Dell as their "Premium Movie Studio" bundle with their highest-end desktops. Thus, I know that more people than just me are suffering. For example, you can find a tremendous amount of vitriol and grief, especially about VideoWave and about Dell, on Dazzle's user forum. However, most of the straightforward questions (like mine, see last paragraph) are never actually answered by anybody in the other user forums that I've searched and read so far. I figured the relative lack of questions about VideoWave/Dell/Dazzle on this forum probably reflects very well on the users here--most people that check in here are probably already too knowledgeable in general to be fooled by Dell's junky bundle. Okay, well, it hurts me to admit I'm the village idiot but, there it is: If the shoe fits...

The weak links in the title configuration seem to be (1) the extremely buggy, crappy, low(est)-end VideoWave software which is virtually unsupported by any useful documentation and, (2) Dell's "techsupport.hell" which seems to rely on employees who have no clue at all about Dell's bundled products (at least not this one, by gosh!!!) but, however, who are well-trained never to tell you that they don't have a clue. I've never really had trouble with Dell hardware over the past few years, and the Dazzle bridge and 1394 card that Dell supplied me with seem to work okay--but, again, Dell does not know squat about the video bundle they're selling to unwitting novices like me. One would think that MGI VideoWave might know something; but I won't be bothering to ask them...their user forum is one of the weakest I've ever seen (sort of figures in a way, doesn't it?) and they have the unmitigated gall to charge $20 per phone call for "real support" for VideoWave!!! Since I'm scrapping their junk software at my own cost in favor of Vegas Video 3.0 (let's call it tuition to pay for an earlier lack of intuition!) I certainly will not be throwing any more good money down the VideoWave toilet.

Okay, enough ranting, but I am really, really curious about this: I just wanted to start recording some DV from my Sony TRV740 to my hard disk via the Dazzle bridge/1394 card using VideoWave 4.0 So, everything looked reasonable upon set-up: The VW 4 software recognizes that I have a capture card, the device manager says the capture card is in working order, I can view the camcorder output within a window in VW 4. Then, I try to capture and I get an error message: "Error occured while trying to assign filename: Class not registered". And, of course, nothing further happens. Does ANYONE know what this means? (Aside, of course, from the clear meaning that I'm yet another burned, but slightly wiser, former-VideoWave-owner?).

Thanks for any enlightenment.


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Re: VideoWave 4.0/Dell/Dazzle "Mojave" b
on Dec 12, 2002 at 12:04:47 am

I can't help, but I too bought the same setup and your second paragraph says it all!!! I posted a different type of problem. Good Luck.

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