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Preview in Premire on a NTSC TV

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Preview in Premire on a NTSC TV
on Oct 19, 2002 at 3:44:28 pm

I have several realtime cards, but all have there little quirks.
I have thought about Avid in the past, but with Premire 6.5 now giveing realtime, the gap is closing between the two. What I would like to know, is there any devise I could buy that would allow me to have a realtime preview out of premire 6.5 on a NTSC TV just using a Firewire card, and I am not talking about a buying a second DV camera. I seen a add from your store in one of the computer video mag's I get, and you had a device for sale with the Avid system, would that work with premire also, and does it give real time out to TV. what was it's function??I would like to get away from the realtime cards, but would miss the TV preview, as what you see on the computer is not what you see on the TV, because of overscan. Please help me out and tell me what my options are, if I have any at all. Or am I stuck with the realtime cards,

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Re: Preview in Premire on a NTSC TV
on Oct 19, 2002 at 11:32:51 pm

Well, the only way to get RT client monitor out without an RT board is using the Mcfly Method.

The Mcfly Method simply uses a dual head video card, like the Matrox G550. Hook your NTSC monitor to the supplied S composite connector out of your video card and bam...RT preview. The only problem with it is it uses the resolution of the in app monitor, the result is crappy looking RT video preview.

The other way to use a client monitor through an OHCI card is with a transcoder or a mini-dv deck. You get full resolution, but it won't do RT.

On my XDV box...I have the G550 and a Nvidia card. I have my main monitor and my NTSC client monitor hooked up to the G550 and my second computer monitor hooked to the Nvidia card.

Due to the poor video preview this method presents, I also have a Canopus ADVC100 transcoder ($300). When I'm not doing a lot of FX driven work (No RT) I plug the client monitor into the transcoder for full resolution monitoring.

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