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Special birthday, need help with soft & hardwa

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Special birthday, need help with soft & hardwa
on Sep 24, 2002 at 2:15:06 pm

I'm very new to the DV world. My mom's birthday's coming up and want to make a very special presentation during the event. I'd like to burn onto DVD and distribute to all guest, around 100. Just bought the GL2, Love it! I want to incorperate old film footage, photo's, new and old video. Also want to lay a music track and maybe some narration. OH yeah, titles. My current system has W2K Pro,1.3 Athlon, "21 Sony trinitron, 40 GB internal, 80 GB FW external, 512 MB ddr. As far as software I have Premiere 6.1 (update). I need a capture card and some more software to author DVD with menu's and titles. Any idea's on where I can get training on Premiere or good book's? Burners'? Also what capture card should I get? I'd rather not spend more on one with premiere cause I already have it. All or any thought's are welcome. Thank's, I'm going to need it.

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Re: Special birthday, need help with soft & ha
on Sep 25, 2002 at 1:33:53 pm

Hi there
Wow, sounds like you have quite the project coming up! To get training for Premiere you could either look around your area maybe a college/universtiy will have nightschool training for it, but that could take too long for you to find out what you need to know or you could purchase video's from Total Training. You can get video's or DVD's (whatever you prefer) for Adobe Premiere and they come with CD's with footage and projects to work through with the video tapes so you will be creating and learning the exact thing that the tapes are working on. This is good as you can learn at your own pace and work on them around your schedule, not a teachers. As far as capture cards go it depends on how much you are looking to spend. I just bought the Matrox RT X100 and I love it. Its realtime so you don't have to wait to render transitions or effects. It comes with Sonic DVD for DVD authoring witch is pretty simple to use and has many features. Also with the Matrox RT X100 it has realtime DVD encoding. The Matrox comes with Premiere 6.0 with a free upgrade to 6.5(It might even have 6.5 in the box, if not you'll just have to send away for it). I also had Adobe Premiere before I bought my Matrox card and unfortunatley there's no way to purchase the card or any others without the software so the best thing to do is to sell it on ebay or to a friend for a bit of cash to put towards the card. As far as burners go I personally don't have one yet but am looking into getting one. I've read a few reviews and from what I understand Sony has a pretty good burner that is cheaper than the Pioneer and burns quicker. Also I have heard Panasonic is good. Another capture card that you should look into is the Pinnacle DV500DVD. I have heard it is also a good realtime card and videoguys have a special DVD kit that includes the capture card, DVD burner and the more feature oriented pro version of the DVD authoring software (Pinnacle Impressions) that comes witht the capture card. I'm really not too sure how much your looking to spend but I would recommend those 2 cards, I think you shold look into them more for yourself and see what features you need. Here are links to their sites:
Matrox RT X100:
Pinnacle DV500DVD:
Pinnacle DV500DVD Kit:

Good luck and if you have any other questions feel free to ask!

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