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Asus P4PE / RTX10 audio problem solved

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Asus P4PE / RTX10 audio problem solved
on May 6, 2003 at 9:40:21 pm

(Longgggg first post)

ASUS P4PE Motherboard, Intel P2.4, 1GB PC3200, Win XP Pro.

AGP SLOT - TI4200 128meg
PCI SLOT 1- Empty
PCI SLOT 3- Soundcard Audigy2
PCI SLOT 4- Empty
PCI SLOT 5- Matrox RTX10

RAID PORT – WD160GB Video capture (Single stripe) (Removable Tray)
IDE 1 Master – WD40GB Operating system
IDE 1 Slave – WD80GB (Removable Tray)
IDE 2 Master – DVD-RW 105
IDE 2 Slave – CD-RW

This post is for newbies like me that are having audio playback problems.
I captured my first video clips last week from my Sony TRV530 camcorder into Premiere 6.5 thru my Matrox RTX10 capture card. I was totally jazzed until I played back the captured movies in Premiere only to find the audio was distorted. Lots of pops, clicks and ringing in the high end. Reviewing my settings I had noticed that the 'Digital 8' tapes I had captured had all been recorded in 12/16-bit 32khz audio mode, which is the default setting of my Sony camera. I went into Premiere’s audio capture setup for my RTX10 and tried to change from 48khz to 32khz. To my surprise I found out that the RTX10 would only capture in 48khz. I was fairly disappointed that I missed a major setup issue like this since I had done a lot of research on what to buy and how to setup my new video station from the info I got off of the Matrox site and numerous troubleshooting forums. While trying to find a solution for my playback problem I had noticed that all my captured videos sounded fine when opened from Windows media player, but distorted when opened up in Premiere. Further investigation into the audio portions showed that a few of the loud pops were actually mouse clicking sounds generated by Windows when you pass the mouse curser over the buttons in Premiere while capturing video. To make a long story short, when I finally got thru to Matrox, I was told I would probably need a sound file converter to fix my audio problem. While checking Matrox’s setup requirements again I had noticed they had changed the PCI SLOT from pci 6 to pci 5 for the RTX10 and my motherboard. When I got off the Internet I swapped the RTX10 to slot 5 and now everything works great including the conversion of 32k to 48k audio done by the RTX10 CARD even though I was told I would need a file converter like Sound Forge. I find it rather strange that the audio conversion cleaned itself up just by swapping card slots but I am quite happy I don’t have to convert the audio from all my old tapes thru an additional sound program. This will save me a lot of time and the cost of a new program. My conclusion from all this is that even though the solution that was given to me was from a factory tech, this doesn’t mean it’s the best one. I am glad I took the extra time to swap cards around even though I had to uninstall and reinstall drivers a couple of times. It just goes to show you that even though you don’t show any hardware or IRQ conflicts sometimes you can solve weird problems by simply swapping motherboard slots.

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Re: Asus P4PE / RTX10 audio problem solved
on May 7, 2003 at 2:39:02 am

Hi there
Good to know, glad you got things working well!

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