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Basic Questions of video & formats

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Sharif Al-Haj
Basic Questions of video & formats
on Aug 30, 2012 at 8:00:58 pm

Hello All!

I have a couple of questions that I am sure most of you are able to answer. I have done my online research on it but too many articles state opposite things.

I have put my questions in categories for organization purposes. I don't expect everyone to know all of the following, but even if you are able to answer 1 question out of my categories I would very much appreciate!

Category A : Compact Flash Cards (HVR-MRC1)

#1. Record mode : Normal / Cache / Interval / Loop ?

Normal I understand, but the following I do not.

#2. TC Format : AUTO / NDF / DF ?

This goes beyond Compact Flash Cards im sure since we are dealing with time code. I have read about
NDF meaning (non-dropframe) and DF (drop frame).. What does that mean? And how will that impact the TC Format? Dropped frame to me sounds like it actually drops a frame from the FPS?

#3. INTERVAL REC : Rec Time / Int. Time ?

No Idea

#4. CamLink Sel : Follow / Synchro ?

Category B : Camera Functions

#1. AE (AS) Button Function ? What does this do for me? The higher in number it goes it brightens my picture? But it is not the iris. AE VS Iris?

#2. Gain: What exactly is gain good for? Gain has L M H (low / medium / high) Gain VS Iris? Apparently the higher the gain gets the more noise you can create in the image. When do you know when to use it?

#3. Shutter? What exactly does shutter do for me?

Category C : FPS (Frames Per Second)

#1. How many FPS in Standard Definition ? I believe it happens to be 60 (interlaced)

#2. Refresh rate vs FPS.. how one impacts the other?

#3. When they say (in interlaced) one field gets done one time then the other field (2 fields) do they mean horizontal lines vs vertical or odd vs even?

#4. How does progressive / interlaced affect FPS ? Does it at all or is that the refresh rate. I always thought HD had a higher FPS but if SD had 60i (which I believe translates into 30FPS) how does that differ than HD 30FPS?

Category D : Resolutions

#1. SD NTSC: 720 x 480i
720 x 480p ( Enhanced TV )

SD PAL: 720 x 576i
720 x 576P (Enhanced TV)

Which side is vertical / horizontal ?

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