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A few questions on a build

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A few questions on a build
on Mar 10, 2011 at 2:18:35 am

First off this is replacing a premiere 6.0 system,

A few years ago i built a CS3 machine for him that was based on the DIY-6 guide I believe.

I will likely be ordering CS5 from video guys, 1 copy for the new machine, is it worth putting CS5 on the CS3 machine as well? and if yes is the CS5 upgrade from CS3 version for half price the way to go? or is it like windows and you should never touch an upgrade version?

For the video card I went and bought the fancy fx crap which I think was a waste of money, I see the gtx470 is recommended so are the current gtx570's likely the right choice rather than the quadro4000?

I bought a Bella keybaord from video guys I believe last time , which bella keyboard is the right one for CS5?

and last but not least I will be putting in a raptor 10k system drive, do I really need a 650 gig or is that over kill, for the storage drives last time I had two 500gb's in raid zero. I assume I should throw maybe 4x 1tb's in raid zero, but just read I should have a system drive, a couple in raid for working drive, and another couple in raid as the export render drive, is this true? did I mess up the old system by having a system drive that he works on and the raid that he renders too?

Thanks for any help you can provide

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Evan Newsome
Re: A few questions on a build
on Mar 13, 2011 at 3:00:08 pm

CS5 upgrade is identical to the full version--- you are just required to enter in your old serial number.

video card is your choice. see my old post regard someone else's testing of different CUDA cards. I think I got the GTS 450 for around $100. (costs vs performance)

A few keyboard shortcuts have changed in CS5. I have been too lazy to change them back to the older versions. So Bella should be ok.

HDD issue. CS5 is a HDD hog so 650GB is fine for OS drive.
If you are running win7 I'd use 2GB drives. 3 in RAID 5.
then if you want a 3rd drive setup for render/temp etc.. is fine

My 2 cents

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