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We build this DIY

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We build this DIY
on Nov 26, 2010 at 2:52:19 am

Hi everyone. I'm been editing DV for a long time and think that is time to go pro and learn video compositing. I've spent hours reading the DIY guides and now the forum, both being extremely helpful with my intentions for building a workstation for less than $2k. This is what I gathered so far:

_Intel i7 950
_Mem Corsair 12gb ddr3
_Corsair 850TX

Now the questions:

1) VIDEO CARD: I have the money for either a Quadro2000 or a GTX480. Now, I've read that the 480 can really deliver for CS5. I'm planning on learning After Effects and later, Eyeon Fusion. I want to specialize in compositing but not really planning on learning 3DStudio or Maya. What video card do you recommend on that budget?

2) MEMORY: I see two kinds of 12gb Corsair memories being sold, one with a cooler fan attached to it (Dominator, $330) and one without ($190). Is the heat really an issue for such a price difference?

3) Full Tower: the Antec 902 or the NZXT? Do I need to buy a separate cooling system or they come with the right stuff to keep it all running smoothly?

4) Capacity: I already have a 1TB USB external HD. I was thinking on buying a small WD Velociraptor 10k rpm for OS and work with those two only (maybe buying a G-RAID 3 much much later). I'm reading in another thread that there maybe a compatibility issue between the Velociraptor used as a boot device on this Asus motherboard. Is this true?

So this is it for now, what do you guys think?

Also, any thoughts/experience on Eyeon Fusion? I'm leaning towards that kind of work.

Thanks a lot in advance!! Very Happy

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Re: We build this DIY
on Nov 29, 2010 at 5:08:34 pm

get the 470 the 480 wont give you much over the 480 unless you do After Effects. the Quadro is a joke and a waste of money.

Memory: forget Corsair buy Mushkin 1600 CL 8 12 gig minimum for CS5

HDDs: this is the absolute minimum

1)OS drive
2) Work drive (media etc) (1 set raid 0 prefered)
3) final render to drive (1 set raid 0 prefered)
all internal
4) back up drive thats external

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