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DIY 7 GPU options???

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Eric Riemer
DIY 7 GPU options???
on Oct 22, 2009 at 6:24:11 pm

Hey Everyone I am hoping to get a clear cut answer here about other options for the DIY7 build I am planning in the very near future.

I do Wedding Videography and since upgrading my equipment to HD my computer is severely lacking and causing me nothing but headaches with constant crashing, unreasonable load times and render times.

So I am going with a big gun in the DIY7 so I can get my productivity up to an acceptable level for profitability with HD Footage.

So this is what I want to know:

I currently edit with Premiere Pro CS3 and do limited After effect work, mainly just little accent clips etc. I do use Magic Bullet Look Suite and Twixtor 4.5 which are the real dogs on my system. Twixtor is actually unusable for me with HD. Looksuite and digieffects Oldfilm are true true dogs.

I want to know what will allow me close to real time editing once those types of filters are applied.

I have been searching and searching but can't find a solid answer as to what to use. One forum says go for gaming card another says quadro will give you 10 fold performance.

I don't really game anymore so not to worried about having a gaming card but if I don't need quadro performance to render out my needs then I will go gaming.

DIY7 recommends the fx1800. Do I need that for my needs? Or would the fx580 work? I don't' do 3d or cad.
How does the FX580 compare for my needs vs say the GTX 275? or the FX1800 vs the 285? I am thinking of comparisons in the price point. I would like to stay with Nvidia with the hope that CS5 will open up the CUDA to all these other Nvidia cards.


Oh one more thing. I am planning on O/C this system do you think I should go with the 850W power or will 750W be enough?


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Re: DIY 7 GPU options???
on Oct 23, 2009 at 3:45:15 pm

dont waste your money on a quadro
a 260-280/85 is more than plenty and actually more powerful than the 1800.
the 1800 is based on the 260.
the 580 is a joke.

good quality power supply is very important and 850 is what i would do.


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