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New system inquiry from down unda!!

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New system inquiry from down unda!!
on Apr 26, 2009 at 2:30:15 am


Remarkably maybe, but I have been using for a few years now an Asus TUSL-C mobo with a TNT Pro 64 graphics and the max 512 ram.

I use Media Studio 8 and Magix Pro x as well as cubase SX3 for audio and find that it does the job very well unless I start to add too many fx or in ther case of cubase.. tracks.

I now wish to use the multi cam options with a few fx and 2 monitors.

I am wanting to update and have looked at the DYI but as we get some different options here in oz I wanted to post what I thought would be good for me.

Mobo Asus P5Q3 ( This seems to be the one)

CPU Intel 2 Core Quad 8500 (Not sure here)


Graphics 9600 or 9800 ???? (Needs 2 monitors and for encoding etc.)

I already have a 4 in/ 4 out M-Audio PCI Sound card with external plug box which does me fine.

I mainly use a Panasonic G400 3ccd firewired in but I will be getting a HDV soon too hopefully but will still firewire in I guess. I also use analog from an old A1 Hi Canon Cam whch still works and VHS tapes.

In my current setup I have all 7200 barracuda IDE drives.

3 in the box
3 external and 2 hanging off a controller.

I am more confused over what CPU to get with this mobo and what Graphics to get.

I am on a limited budget otherwise there would be no probs.

Many thanks

oz Smile

Here are some of the cards in oz.. Cheapest at top..

512M 8400GS Gainward / Gigabyte / ASUS
512M 9400GT ECS /Inno3D /MSI /Gigabyte /ASUS
1GB 9400GT ECS /Inno3D /Gainward /Gigabyte /XFX /ASUS
512M 9500GT ECS /Inno3D /MSI(VIC) /Gigabyte /ASUS
1GB 9500GT ECS /Inno3D /Gainward /Gigabyte /XFX /ASUS
512M 9600GT Inno3D /Gigabyte /XFX /ASUS
1GB 9600GT ECS / Gainward
512M 9800GT ECS /Inno3D /Gigabyte /ASUS /XFX
1GB 9800GT ECS / Inno3D / Gigabyte
512M 9800GTX+ Inno3D / ASUS
1GB 9800GTX+ Gigabyte
512MB GTS 250 Inno3D / EVGA / XFX
1GB GTS 250 Inno3D /Gainward /EVGA /Gigabyte
896M GTX 260 Inno3D /Gigabyte /XFX /ASUS

CPUs Cheaper at top

E5200 / E5300 / E5400 / E7400 / E7500
E8400 / E8500 / E8600
Q8200 / Q9400 / Q6600

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