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Tyan S2696 S5396 and Thermaltake Toughpower PSU

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Tyan S2696 S5396 and Thermaltake Toughpower PSU
on Nov 24, 2008 at 2:23:21 pm

To anyone trying to build using the Tyan motherboards S2696 and S5396 do not use Thermaltake Toughpower 750W W0161 or 1500W W0171 as they split the power on the rails which is inadequate to run these server boards. This often causes a problem on cold start ups where the fans only spin but then no post. Often it can be intermittant and after much research on web and finding no answers only red herrings I am posting this. The answer lies in the power supply having all connections directly and no modular wiring.

My original system was designed on DIY5 so I bought an S2696 mobo ram and a 750W TT Toughpower 750W. The DIY site states 500W but I was adding more drives and a different GPU. First problem was 3 pin fan should be 4 pin (fixed) then after numerous RMAs on mobo and psu it was found psu not up to job. Well after double checking Tyan site for specs (not really listed properly) and also thermaltakes site (hopeless) it comes back to the DIY site not really doing their research nor even trying to build one of these server configurations. Finally the guys at Digicor Australia supplied the answer by testing complete rig swapping out the TT and put in Supermicro unit and voila. Also Zippy are good.

My rig now
Thermaltake Eureka Case
Tyan Tempest i5400XT S5396A2NRF
Two Intel E5405A for Active fans 45nms
One stick of 4 GB Memory Kingston KVR(soon to be 4 by 1 GB sticks)
Supermicro 865W EPS12V 24+8+4+4pin w/PFC +12V:70A
Powercolor HD3870X2 Graphics Card (1GB DDR4) with 3 Dual DVI-D and HDMI
Matrox RTX2 LE (Coming soon)
Black Magic Mutibridge Eclipse (coming soon)
Six Western Digital HDD WD5000AAKS in RAID 1+0 2 for OS mirrored and 4 striped and mirrored
Pioneer 16* Burner (soon to be Bluray)
Floppy Drive
Logitech 5.1 Sound
Creative USB Sound Blaster
Canopus ADVC-300 Converter
Various Monitors
Pal/NTSC Converter
Adobe CS3 Package soon CS4
Sony Vegas
Sound Forge
Boris Continuum
3d Studio Max

This machine now flies ( I will post test results next month with new LE card

OK my gripe is how come you recommended Thermaltake as a psu for these motherboards without a) giving a model no or b) testing with the mobos as mentioned.

If you are going to recommend a particular build and then show higher levels as you do, then surely you would test the highest configuration as well as the medium and lowest. I know tech changes quickly as I have found out in sourcing parts but if you configor it then you should test it and also put better part numbers to identify. If it were not for some hard to find posts about the 4 pin fan let alone the P4 connector needed from the psu, I would still be in limbo after trying everything we could find about the cold start up problem (nothing on this site) it comes back to you experts and Themaltake. I am posting emails directly to Thermaltake and Tyan about this and I am hoping that I can get some response from the guys testing and recommending on this site.

I will be attempting to recover my money via TT and retail outlet and would appreciate any supporting evidence or do I just point TT at your site and see what they say.

If there is any other way to contact you directly please advise.

Well back to capturing with no dropped frames (yes I followed all the tweaks) Cool

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Tyan and Thermaltake
on Dec 18, 2008 at 11:34:45 am

Well I have done an RMA to Thermaltake on both the 750W and 1500W Toughpower psu and I got full repaymen. Still waiting on answers and being xmas probably wont hear until new year but I thought I may have got some response from the dudes at or one of their highly rated people who make comments. My query is why recommend a combination if you dont test it? Otherwise I could take up bridge building or such and become an expert on the web. Do you guys realise how many people are fairly reliant on decent information being available. Can anyone there for instance contact Thermaltake to enquire about compatability or specifications and Tyan. Well Merry Xmas to all its all about render times. B Cool

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Gary Bettan
Re: Tyan S2696 S5396 and Thermaltake Toughpower PSU
on Dec 22, 2008 at 2:28:41 pm

Our DIY builds are given as a guideline. We do not feel that a dual processor system is within the capabilities of most DIYers. Dual processor means two physical CPUs.

It's not a knock agianst you guys, it's because of the lack of on line reviews, articles and other helpful info. These systems are best purchased from an experienced system integrator who is qualified and approved to integrate teh hardware / software you are looking to go with.

Our DIY3 Dual Xeon system was a bear. We ran into all kinds of mechanical and electrical issues. Not just matching power supplies, but also the case for the proper supports & mounting and then air flow and cooling.

For our DIY system we researched what HP and many of the system integrators across the country are using and found that the Tyan Tempest was the go to mother board for dual processor NLE workstations.


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Tyan and Thermaltake
on Dec 23, 2008 at 7:53:55 am

Hi Guys,
Thanks for replying. I guess your builds then are rated for amatuers to build and play games or use low end software. I really thought you are video professionals who aren't just product plugging . When we discuss software and render times are these discussions not related to your suggestions. All the tips and tweaks are for performance hence most serious builders who cannot afford a system designer and engineer or an of the shelf product are looking for the correct information. If a particular supplier cannot give the full specs and compatability nor recommend to system builders what goes with what then it is encumbent upon people such as yourself to actually test any recommended product configuration. If you don't actually test all versions of your diy builds then how do you know they will run and be testable. I am very happy with both the S2696 and S5396 Tyan mobos now that I have correct psu. I still have had no technical response from thermaltake. Do you intend updating the diy lists to show better psu such as supermicro. Happy rendering B Cool

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Re: Tyan S2696 S5396 and Thermaltake Toughpower PSU
on Dec 23, 2008 at 8:09:23 am

"It's not a knock agianst you guys, it's because of the lack of on line reviews, articles and other helpful info."

Aren't you meant to do the reviews hunt up info etc or is the diy mainly support for your sales.

Personally as you have a division in Australia (same name) I find that a lack of info from sales people who have little idea of medium level systems let alone high end stuff very frustrating. This is why we rely on sites such as yours for quality info and not just as a parts supplier. I know their have been thousands of different configs and manufacturers are continually changing but and this is a big but They say build it and they shall come but if it don't work or collapses under pressure then why build it or even recommend it.
Again I state that I am not some high end producer just a little guy trying to get the best value for money for myself and clients. Please triple check the specs. and test build all future recommended diy projects and not leave us poor buggers stranded. Happy rendering. B Cool

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