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New Editing Machine & Win XP 64 bits

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Alex Cantu
New Editing Machine & Win XP 64 bits
on Jun 13, 2008 at 5:59:21 pm


I'm building a new machine based on DIY6 and since i'm not adding any extra hardware (though I wish hehehe), I'll try Win x64 to avoid any version of Vista.

This is my system:

- Intel Q9450, 2.66 GHz, 1333 bus
- Asus P5K-E Wi-Fi
- 2 GB Corsair Dominator DDR2 1066
- Radeon HD3870 512 MB
- 1 Seagate SATA II 250GB for system
- 1 Seagate SATA II 500GB for DV capture
- Pioneer DVD burner
- Corsair PS 650W
- Antec Nine Hundred case

In the following days i'll post my experience, specially how it works with After Effects (heavy comps, specific plug ins, HD sized comps), Photoshop, Edius (perhaps Vegas) and MPEG2 encoding; as well as any compatibility/installation issues.

I hope to get 2 extra GB of ram soon and see any notable improvement.

Well, i hope this get useful to anyone who wants to jump to 64bit, and also any advice is welcome Smile

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Alex Cantu
Re: New Editing Machine & Win XP 64 bits
on Jun 20, 2008 at 6:34:33 pm

Hi again

It's been a week and though I haven't work a lot on this machine I'm very pleased with it Smile

Win XP x64 looks almost identical to a typical Win XP, but some drivers were not included in the insallation CDs (such as as the video card and .net for 64bit) but wasn't not a problem and could download everything from vendor's websites, yet I had to buy a 64 bit antirus. The most obvious difference i that this windows version has two "program files" folders, one for 32 bit applications and one for 64 bit. So the transition wasn't that hard and setting up in general was easy.

Most of my tests were done on After Effects CS3. Some heavy comps where images couldn't be buffered now are not a problem! Previews are really, really fast (compared to a Core2 E6400 + Nvidia 8800 GTS + Win Xp 32 bit). And render time on the first try went from 10 min on the core2 machine to 1:35 on this one!!!

Still have more test to do but so far i'll have to work with only software. But black desgins has support for win xp 64, so maybe i'll give up on Edius (ouch!!!), but i'm not buying anything for a time.

I'll keep testing with Ae, studio max and some games this week (heheh gaming is importat too!!)


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Re: New Editing Machine & Win XP 64 bits
on Jul 1, 2008 at 6:55:53 am

Have you considered going with 8 GB of RAM? I noticed AE can allocate a lot of RAM under a 64 bit O/S. More RAM lets it use more cores for rendering.

Just a thought.

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Alex Cantu
Re: New Editing Machine & Win XP 64 bits
on Jul 7, 2008 at 4:23:58 pm

Well, that's the idea, to have 4GB or more RAM. That's the main reason I moved to 64 bit.

I'm really impressed how fast it is on rendering, but i'm aware i won't see more benefits until I get a RAM upgrade.

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Alex Cantu
Re: New Editing Machine & Win XP 64 bits
on Aug 4, 2008 at 9:23:11 pm

Final thoughts:

I've worked with this machine for about a month and still very pleased with it.

I might had a naive expectation about how would be working on a 64 bit OS. I know most of the improvement (compared to my previous machines) comes from the hardware, but I have to say that this is the most stable Windows I've worked with; not a single crash and I effectively have 4.5 GB of memory (system ram+video ram), and i'm able to work with several programs opened at the same time with out fear of a crash because I've never top this number. My average is 1.5-2.99 GB while working like this, and on 32Bit Windows this would mean slow down or a crash.

Most of my apps are 32 bit, even iExplorer (since there is no flash plug in for 64 bit), so all my gain seems to be memory cap (and that's enough reason to upgrade!).

My advise to all of you that want move to 64 bit and are reluctant to use Vista is to try XP x64 you won't be disappointed. Yet, I want to say that I work with graphics and post effects, I RARELY CAPTURE VIDEO AND THAT'S A TEST A HAVEN'T DONE. Most of the footage I use, I receive it in disks (either data o video dvd), so I'M NOT SURE IF DECKS AND CAMERAS ARE GOING TO BE RECOGNIZED, SO PLEASE IF SOME ONE HAS DONE THIS, POST IT Smile


Working apps & games:

- All Adobe CS3 products
- Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator
- Trappcode plugg ins
- Edius 4.0 Pro
- DVD Lab 2.0
- LimeWire
- QuickTime 7.5
- Office 2003
- Copy to DVD
- Power DVD
- War Craft III
- Never Winter Nights 2
- Cute FTP

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Re: New Editing Machine & Win XP 64 bits
on Aug 5, 2008 at 4:14:52 am

I have not had any problem capturing footage via firewire into Sony Vegas 8 Pro.

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Alex Cantu
Re: New Editing Machine & Win XP 64 bits
on Aug 5, 2008 at 4:33:18 pm

Hi Jeffcss

I've noticed you have a PC configuration as a signature... is that yours?

I like this windows version, but i know i'll have to move to Vista eventually. And it is sad it needs lots of memory, lot of disk space, it's slow compared to xp. But same happened when win 2000 and XP were new, they had other requierements, new features, etc.

Did you have any problems with Vista? Any scpecific hardware u use?

Any advise is welcome. Thnks in advance.

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Re: New Editing Machine & Win XP 64 bits
on Aug 5, 2008 at 5:36:14 pm

Yes, it is the PC I used the most. I built it from scratch but I would probably change a few things if I could start all over.

For the most part, Vista x64 works well and there is more RAM available to 32-bit programs like After Effects and Sony Vegas. There are only a few apps that just don't run at all like the Neat Receipts program which I almost bought.

I am a computer consultant and I do a lot of different things for my clients like programming, networking, video editing, websites, hardware repair and training. So I have a lot of the standard software along with all the other stuff like tons of media files.

So, I have setup a fairly complex system and when something doesn't work I can't always blame Vista (even though I usually do!)

Here is the setup (Remember you asked):

(2) 400 GB hard drives mirrored using the Intel motherboard SATAs and Intel Matrix Storage Manager. This is the O/S and all apps.

(4) 500 GB hard drives in RAID 5 using an Adaptec 5405 RAID controller. (The controller is really fast!). This is all my data.

(4) 400 GB hard drives striped in RAID 0 in an external eSATA Venus enclsoure run by a Silicon Image 3132 for scratch area and temporary storage.

(1) 1 TB drive in a NexStar hard drive dock (eSATA) that holds some, but not all of the purchased media I use for video work.

So I have three different RAID controller drivers loaded and assorted other things like DVD burner and a DVD burner/Blu-ray player.

Sometimes things don't work and it is hard to troubleshoot but I get my work done and I know drivers will mature and software updates will come out to fix things. Not to mention Service Packs from Microsoft.

Feel free to ask anything else.

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