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how do u instal hhd for raid0?

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how do u instal hhd for raid0?
on Feb 6, 2008 at 10:10:41 am

Hello everyone? here is my system!
INTEL CORE 2 DUO 6600 2.4
ATI X1950 512 RAM
( no storage drive)
This system is up and running, except that I did not instal storage drive cause was planning on doing it later when i have some cash.
Now! later is here, I have 2X SATA 320 GIG HHD
CAN someone give me some advice on how to configure this for RAID0.

Thanks you much, Confused

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on Feb 6, 2008 at 5:09:47 pm

I just did this on the weekend.

I did the exact same thing as you as well, I got the computer working with the system drive, and figured I would add raid later. This caused some problems.
I didn't have the same motherboard but this generally seems the same for all.
Summary of what we were supposed to do, before installing windows, you hook all drives to the motherboard, you also get the raid windows driver ready on a floppy. On first bootup you go into bios, and turn on the raid controller, onboard features section. You then restart and after bios a new screen comes up that you can enter similar to bios, to configure raid drives (important note, system drive won't be setup for raid but likely is still on a sata port being controlled by the raid controller). You can configure raid now or just proceed to start windows, during the windows install it says, pressF6 if you need to install a raid driver, you would then proceed to install the driver from the floppy and then complete the rest of the windows install. At any point after you can stop on bootup, and enter the raid setup screen, and configure the raid drives.

Now the problem I had and now you have. As soon as you go into bios and turn on the raid feature, when you exit and restart, windows will no longer boot, because the raid driver wasn't installed during the windows installation, I read lots of tips on how to do a windows repair, and how to reinstall windows. All of these still involved the driver on a floppy, I didnt even put a floppy drive in the machine.

Trick that fixed things. The motherboard had 8 sata ports, two that can be controlled by a gigabyte raid, and 6 that can be controlled by an intel raid. I left the gigabyte raid turned off and moved the system drive to one of those ports, so the windows install that had no raid driver was now on a sata port with raid turned off and it would boot properly. I then moved my raid drives to sata ports connected to the intel controller and turned that raid on in the bios, then enter the screen after bios and configured the two drives as raid 0.

So hopefully you have the same luck, or better find a floppy and reinstall windows.

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Re: how do u instal hhd for raid0?
on Feb 7, 2008 at 4:59:47 am

appreciate your response!

hope this will help me, thank you!

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Raid 0 Setup
on Mar 29, 2008 at 11:03:20 pm

Here is what I did that worked, starting from scratch - a new build.

Step 1. Download f6Flpy.exe from Intel site and execute it to create a floppy with the necessary Intel raid drivers. My board came with BIOS version 14 so I didn't have to update the BIOS.

Step 2: Connect drive you want for the Operating System (I used a 250gb SATA). Connect an optical drive, and a floppy drive. Put Windows XP install disk in the optical drive. Don't physically connect the drives you want for raid yet. This is because in my case, windows installed itself on the raid volume - NOT what I wanted.

Step 3: Power up and hit DEL to configure BIOS. Set the controller to RAID, and set the dvd rom drive as first boot device. Make sure to insert Windows XP in your optical drive. Save settings; system will then automatically re-boot.

Step 4: Windows will start to install itself. Be ready to hit the F6 key when the XP install begins - it goes by fast. Afterwards, nothing appears to happen until later, when you are prompted to insert floppy - that's when you know the F6 "install" worked! Select the ICH9R for desktop from the list. Hit return again to continue.

Step 5: Answer a few questions that Windows will ask about the install. About 20 minutes later you should have an operating system installed on your C: drive.

Step 6: Shut down, power off, then physically connect the two other hard drives. Note: I would disconnect all optical drives temporarily at this point because Windows will assign a drive letter to all of your optical drives, and the soon-to-be-created raid drive will get the last unassigned drive letter. Not a big deal, but something to consider.

Step 7: Restart, then hit DEL to enter BIOS, AND hit Cntl + I right after this. You will want to configure the BIOS and Raid in this step.

Step 8: The Intel Raid Manager will start before BIOS setup (if you hit the keys fast enough). Create the raid volume by selecting the two new drives you just connected, and make up some name (I used the name Data).

Step 9: After selecting the two drives for the raid volume (in step 8 above), exit, and BIOS will start. Tell BIOS to make the hard drive the first boot device, otherwise, windows will boot from the optical drive and try to install again (if you didn't disconnect them). After saving these settings, BIOS will re-boot. Now, just let it go, and windows will start-up.

Step 10: Use windows to format the new raid volume - it will be shown as unallocated until it's formatted.

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