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Just built new machine

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Just built new machine
on Feb 5, 2008 at 11:23:33 pm

4gigs of 800 ram
150gb raptor as system drive
2x500g in raid 0 for storage
FX 1500 card with breakout box
CS3 and Encore
Sony deck Ends in 11 or 16 can't remember

I just built this machine and set it up for my father in law.

I bought the 1500 with breakout box as I thought this was the only way to get preview to NTSC monitor. Actual was a waste as firewire to sony deck to NTSC monitor gives preview anyway. I likely should of bought a better card, FX38?? without the box for the same money..

1 Question: I can't get the CS3 program preview monitor to run full screen on the breakout box and NTSC TV anyway, it treats it as more desktop with a preview window dragged their, is this likely a CS3 setting or a nividia driver setting I need to track down?

2nd question: I don't do any editing, I'm just the computer tech son-in-law. It was my impression that the sony deck should be able to pass the digital video into the computer as fast as the computer can take it. But when I see it in use it always plays the tape at normal watching speed, and the computer watches it and captures it. As such a 2 hr tape takes 2 hrs to capture, how do we run it differently to capture faster? Do we need a different deck?

Thanks for any help.

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Evan Newsome
Re: Just built new machine
on Feb 6, 2008 at 1:47:44 pm

to answer the 2nd question: that is the way it is. it does it in real time for technical reasons. it is not a hard drive data transfer (execution). and the footage on the tape isn't like a computer file.

I don't own CS3

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on Feb 6, 2008 at 4:45:08 pm

That clears lots up for me.

I thought they were digital cameras and recording a digital file onto a magnetic tape, and then that digital file could be transferred to the computer at high speed.

But from what you said it must still be some form of video file that needs to be played at real time.

Anyone else have experience with CS3 and FX 1500 breakout box? Not a real pressing issue though as we can use the sony deck to get to the tv monitor anyway, just bugs me that I sourced it out specifically for this TV output and can't get it set up.

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