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How to upgrade, need advise

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Catherine Peterson
How to upgrade, need advise
on Dec 20, 2007 at 6:13:37 pm

I need some help from you big strong Technical folks. I have NLE turnkey system I bought from DVLine a few years ago. I need to update a few things, but I’m limited by a small budget. My machine is sluggish! I can’t use the real time previews, I have to render first to see whats happening with any changes I make.
I’m a professional Photographer by trade. I also do video work for my corporate clients. I’m sticking with SD for now . No HD plan yet. I’m trying to use Adobe premiere suite CS2 but can only have one app. open at a time. I can only increase my ram to 2GB than I’m stopped out.
Here what I have tucked inside my machine:

Mother board : Asus 845E P4B533-E DDR
Intel Pentium 4 2.666 GHZ w/ heatsink and fan
Graphic card: Matrox G550 AGP 32MB dual head
Sound card Creative SB Audigy 9800
Matrox RT.X100
XP pro service pack 2
2 /120 GB IBM Deskstar Raid 0
80GB IBM deskstar 180 GXP
Antec SX840 Tower case w/400W PS

What would be the best thing to upgrade first? Will swapping out the video card be better or the CPU mother board? I don’t have the money for both right now but will upgrade as I have the cash. Someday, I want to be able to use the new Adobe CS3 suite and a Dell 30” LCD monitor dual-link DVI-D graphics card that supports 2560 x 1600. I would like to increase the size of my Raid O drives and my C drive.
How hard or easy is it to try to upgrade? I don’t have any real experience other than swapping out my DVD burner and adding firewire cards. Is there a books or web sites on building PC?

2 # IF I replace my C drive with a new bigger one, how do you go about reloading the OP system. My XP was preloaded for me and it was service pk 1. I never had a CD.??

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Evan Newsome
Re: How to upgrade, need advise
on Dec 21, 2007 at 2:32:02 am

non fancy cheap way to speed up your computer:
If you have a lot of different programs installed... wipe the drive and have a fresh install.
Skip all the windows patches and don't surf the internet with this computer.

the way it cost $$
Get a newer video card that has 128-256MB (make sure it fits in your slot) any card will do. (I can't believe you're still using that one)
I didn't see what you said you had in RAM, but put in 2GB (your max).
stay away from premiere CS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or what ever they are calling it)
I think you'll be ok with Photoshop CS3
my 2 cents

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Catherine Peterson
Re: How to upgrade, need advise
on Dec 21, 2007 at 6:28:59 am

1) How do you wipe a drive?

I've noticed that the newer graphic cards like PNY Quadro FX540 128MB PCIe or ATI Radeon X1950PRO 512MB take a power supply with 450 to 500, I think mine is 400. I asume this will need to be replace too?

So are you saying that I don't need to worry about encountering compatiblity problems with my chipset when choosing my new graphics card? That was my biggest worry.

About the ram upgrade these are my choices, which is the better one in term of speed to buy:


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Evan Newsome
Re: How to upgrade, need advise
on Dec 21, 2007 at 12:18:35 pm

ram: you need to match what you have unless you pulling all the old memory. non-error correcting is typical memory used.

Adobe doesn't care what graphics card you use. your x100 card might (not sure about that) as long as it is the proper graphics card for the slot- it will work just fine. Just find an deal for around $40-60. most of the newer cards you might think of may want a different slot.

wipe the drive means re-format the drive and start from scratch.
you might prefer to just buy a new drive for $60 and install just what you need on that one.

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Rob Burrows
on May 29, 2008 at 3:49:45 pm

I use ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE to restore my systems 'as new' on a regular basis. THis is very effctive as they will slow down in time. This is especially relevant with video computers. It is worth degramenting your drive and backing it to image ASAP after build. Don'e use WINDOWS RESTOE, in fact turn it off as it draws on resources.

I keep versions as I build in case something new causes problems. I also keep the video sysyetm (the computer is the DIY 5 with tripple boot) with minimal programs on it, and remove unnecessary WINDOWS components, themes, accessories for example.

I have another video system on it with the analoguie capture card drivers installed. I use PREMIERE EC3.

AWheneverr the video becomes jerky or responses don't work normally I restore. It takes minutes, Laughing

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Re: How to upgrade, need advise
on May 30, 2008 at 2:22:02 am

Your system has an AGP slot for the video card. You will not find a lot of choices, but there are some. IF you find an AGP card it should work.

ECC memory is slower and probably not needed.

Have you considered budgeting for a new PC instead of upgrading? Since your current PC is limited in RAM and video you will not get that much of a boost.

With a new PC you could easily copy over data or even share the data and then you will have a backup PC too.

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John Q
Re: How to upgrade, need advise
on May 31, 2008 at 12:49:08 am

The Matrox WYSIWYG driver for the RT.X100 only works with one application at a time, period. If you disable WYSIWYG, you can work with multiple applications, but don't get realtime preview through an external video monitor.

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Alex Cantu
Re: How to upgrade, need advise
on Jun 10, 2008 at 8:54:28 pm

Matrox RT100 don't work with adobe cs3. IMO u should consider a whole new PC, your current system has a 478 socket and uses an AGP graphic cards... which honestly are out of date.

If you want to keep the matrox card you'll have to stick to adobe cs2. I think it'll be hard to find a cpu that fits your mobo, but as it was mentioned in other posts: max your ram, add a newer video card (nvidia works better with adobe) and a new power supply... but probably u cannot use all these on a new PC later.

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