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I need help with a VCR...yes, a VCR.

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I need help with a VCR...yes, a VCR.
on Nov 3, 2007 at 1:20:54 am

Hi everybody,

I figured I would come here first for help with this because I got help a few times here back when I was in high school.

I use Ulead VideoStudio 9 and Pinnacle Studio 9 (yikes) for my editing software, and I have a Pinnacle MovieBox DV for my capture hardware (connected via FireWire to my computer).

The video project I am currently working on requires footage from MiniDV tapes, VHSC tapes, and standard VHS tapes. I got the MiniDV onto my computer just fine, connecting my camera through the MovieBox.

I got the standard VHS tape onto my computer just fine using a VCR connected through the MovieBox. Through this same VCR, I tried to get the VHSC onto my computer (using a tape adapter, and again through the MovieBox).

However, I was getting a ton of dropped frames during capture of the VHSC, and parts of the screen would turn into green blocks, etc. I thought it might have been the source tape, so I took it out and I played it in my TV/VCR combo, and it played just fine, no glitches or hiccups.

I am capturing in DV type 1, and it did this in both Ulead and Pinnacle, so I am thinking I may need a new VCR (my TV/VCR combo does not have any outputs, so I can't use that). Does this sound like a VCR problem?

That may be a stupid question considering it works on one VCR and not the other, but I was under the impression that the green "glitchiness" would be the result of the source tape, not the VCR. I also tried a different set of A/V cables.

The next question I have is, does anybody have any recommendations on a cheap (but will still give me decent video quality for editing) VCR that is actually still available? I did a little bit of searching on the internet and all I've been able to find are DVD/VHS combos. Considering I already have a DVD player and I only use this VCR once or twice a year for video editing, I don't want to spend much on it.

Any help you can give would be appreciated!


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John Q
Re: I need help with a VCR...yes, a VCR.
on Nov 3, 2007 at 9:16:35 pm

With certain DV camcorders, you can connect your VCR to a video input cable to the camcorder and then the camcorder to your computer via firewire. This way your camcorder digitizes your analog video and passes it to the computer in digital form.

Otherwise, you need a video digitizing card, which Videoguys sell.

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Re: I need help with a VCR...yes, a VCR.
on Nov 5, 2007 at 7:27:23 pm

Have you tried to play the VHSC directly to a TV using the VCR you have connected to the computer? Do you see the same problem?

If not try passing it through a camcorder connected to your computer.

If you do see the same problem your options are another VCR or a VCR/DVD combo that dubbs from the VCR to DVD at least then all you would have to do is rip it from the DVD after the transfer is made.

VHS is just a pain I just finished a project that required some VHS source and it required jumping through several hoops to get the material into my avid using of all things my tivo.

I know your pain.

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Evan Newsome
Re: I need help with a VCR...yes, a VCR.
on Nov 6, 2007 at 10:45:37 pm

Dropped frames tends to be a computer issue of being too slow.

Do you have a RAID configuration?.
what are you capturing to? OS drive? single separate drive? RAIDed drives?

computer specs?

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