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The best ways to watch videos on iPhone

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The best ways to watch videos on iPhone
on Jun 29, 2007 at 11:53:44 am

Long before the release of iPhone, we were already thinking about what to do with this “revolutionary tool”. Now the official release is only a few days away and you won’t have to just imagine how you are going to use iPhone.
An iPhone is a revolutionary combination of a mobile phone, the best iPod ever and a pocket Internet deliverer. Some say that an iPhone is an iPod that can make calls and get on the Internet, but this is not totally right, because the iPod on an iPhone is the most powerful and easiest iPod ever! It is the best iPod created by Apple with excellent features.

How powerful is this “revolutionary tool”?
An iPhone lets you easily watch Youtube videos online, browse web pages, E-mail, view calendar, photos, and enjoy your videos and music on its wide screen with its very easy multi-touch interface. And you can do all these while waiting to catch a flight, on a bus, in bed, and wherever you go.
Playing videos is definitely one of the best features of an iPhone. As far as I am aware of, there are four methods to watch videos on iPhone:
Firstly, you can buy videos at iTunes stores just like how you buy videos for an iPod. But you'll need an iTunes account to set up your iPhone, which should come as no surprise to users who are familiar with the practices of Apple, who regularly confines its users to fairly enclosed systems out of "ease to use" or privacy concerns.

Secondly, an iPhone lets you directly watch Youtube videos through Wi-Fi. Youtube videos that can be played on iPhone adopt H264 codec, which is why Youtube is now enthusiastically converting the formats of their videos to H264. By 29th of this month, there will be about 10,000 videos on Youtube that can be directly played on iPhone. Users can download Youtube videos via EDGE or Wi-Fi networks then. The full Youtube video catalog is expected to be accessible this fall. To take advantage of Youtube (over EDGE networks), iPhone buyers will have to subscribe to a data plan from AT&T, which will be the only wireless carrier offering the iPhone initially. A plan with web and email access along with unlimited data transfer volume currently costs $20 per month. Voice plans are available from $40 per month.

Thirdly, an important issue often discussed by users is to watch their favorite DVD movies on iPhone. One solution is to buy movies on iTunes. Needless to say, this is going to cost you an arm and a leg if you often watch movies on your iPhone, and there are many movies that are not available on iTunes. The best solution is to convert your DVD movies to iPhone MP4 videos and use iTunes to transfer the MP4 videos to your iPhone. You can find many converters available now. A good converter I have found is program named [url=]Wondershare DVD to iPhone Converter, which is a very useful tool I’d like to recommend that can convert DVD movies for iPhone.

Finally, how do we watch videos from other websites such as Myspace Video and Google Video? iPhone does not support Flash or Flash video files, so we can’t watch videos from these websites directly on an iPhone. However, there are the following solutions to this issue:
a). You can convert the videos downloaded from those websites to MP4 format at and put the converted videos on your iPhone.
b). If the converted videos by don’t work on your iPhone, you can download and save the videos from those websites to FLV at and convert the saved FLV files to MP4 at so that you can play them on your iPhone.
c). If you have your own video collection of all sorts of formats, you can use a conversion tool to directly convert your videos to iPhone. One of the video conversion tools is [url=]Wondershare iPhone Video Converter, which can convert different video formats to iPhone MP4 and can process multiple files each time.

There are also many other ways that let us watch our favorite videos on an iPhone. And more and more methods will be available. Maybe users can trade videos on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in the future, who knows? There is one thing I am sure of: iPhone is absolutely going to be one of the most popular mobile video/audio players, mobile phones and pocket Internet deliverers.

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the best way to watch videos on iPhone
on Jun 29, 2007 at 12:58:58 pm

iPhone appears...

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Re: The best ways to watch videos on iPhone
on Jun 30, 2007 at 2:24:02 am

Thanks. I am just about to get an iPhone. I like its cool screen although the memory is kind of too small compared to an iPod.

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