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Screaming Catfish
advice on capture
on May 6, 2007 at 9:43:58 pm

I'm currently building a new NLE system and have a quick question...
For the last 5 years, we've been running Premire 6.0 on a PC NLE system using the Canopus DV Raptor RT2 and the ADVC-100 converter and have overall had great success...producing a feature film, commercials, shorts and all sorts of stuff for broadcast and theatrical projection.

Now, of course it's long past time to upgrade...
We're thinking of finally doing the move to Premiere Pro CS 2 or even 3, but want to stick with Canopus for the capture because it's worked well for us.

My question is this...
For our budget, we are looking at the Canopus ACEDV io capture card as well as the Canopus ADVC 300 converter. I've always believed that it is better to have the hardware, but is this true? Could I JUST have the ADVC 300 converter into a firewire and have comparable quality? Should I get both or will the ACEDV io do everything I need? (we do a LOT of analog to digital converting for our film festival). Are there incompatibilty issues I should know about with either?

I guess the bottom line is this...I want a new, more powerful syatem to be as dependable and friendly as my old one...
Any advice is truly appreciated...thanks!

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Alex Cantu
Re: advice on capture
on May 16, 2007 at 4:40:15 pm

The ACEDVio is not more powerful than the raptor or the dvstorm, it just allows a software update to newer versions. But is flexible enough to let you work with a wide range of NLE.

The card it's ok if you are going to stick to 480 format for a while, but it will be useless as soon as u move to HDV, even if is just to get monitor signal. And i'm not sure if it has hardware encoding for mpeg2.

The NX card is more expensive but far more powerful, so is a long term investment. U get dv capture, analog IO, RT stuff, HDV support, monitor signal, mpeg2 capture and hardware encoding.

I've worked with Canopus cards for a few years and IMO the NX is a wise choice. Feel free to ask.

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Barking Dog
Seeking Video Capture Solutions
on Sep 6, 2007 at 6:01:45 pm

I'm looking for two video capture devices and since I bought my original system from you folks I was hoping you could help me. My original system is a Pinnacle DVD 500 with Premiere 6 which worked great. I'm now running Premiere CS3 on a Vista Machine and would very much like to get a comparable capture device that will interface directly with this.

I have an older machine that I am using as a dvr. Right now I have it connected to a hauppauge usb box and it works ok. I'm not entirely satisfied with the quality of the picture. As this is an older machine Pentium 4 2.8GHz I like the idea of the MPeg being encoded on the pci card or usb device. Most of this material is captured from satellite and video tape with the occasional foreign DVD. I would like this process to be invisible - that is the DVD I burn should be at least as good as the satellite picture I'm seeing as it's going in. I've tried the Pinnacle USB and the ATI tuner card and they weren't any better. I've searched hi and low for a simple, bullet proof solution to this problem and it doesn't seem to exist, so I'm hoping you know of something.

The liquid Pro system looks like it might be a possibility and I think I'm entitled to an upgrade? Do you think it would serve this purpose? What is involved in the upgrade?

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Alex Cantu
Re: advice on capture
on Sep 10, 2007 at 4:14:11 pm

U need to contact Pinnacle in order to check the upgrade thing, mostly because Liquid system now is an Avid product, and if u dont have Liquid 6 i doubt u can get a free upgrade. Anyway, u would need the pro version to get analog I/O.
The best way to get a better image quality is capturing to DV and then encoding to MPEG, unless u can control the bitrate of your real time MPEG capture. Best thing about Liquid is that u can export to TS folders from the timeline, so u can capture into DV, do som editing and then export directly to DVD avoiding steps that might make loose quality.

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