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My experience building a Vaporizer

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My experience building a Vaporizer
on Apr 28, 2007 at 9:41:25 am

I wanted to economize on the DIY5 Vaporizer. I substituted the E6600 ($306) for the E6700 ($509) Core 2 Duo processor and the PNY Quadro FX 560 Pro Video (128 MB) ($265) for the PNY Quadro FX 1500 Pro Video (256 MB) ($514). I mainly do Adobe Premiere and wanted an OpenGL card. I also wanted a very quiet computer and selected the Antec Fantom 500 power supply and the Antec Performer case. The power supply is based on the fanless 350 W power supply. The fan will operate when natural circulation is not enough. The Antec case has a separate insulated compartment for the power supply and the hard drives.

I got the case on sale at CompUSA. Most of the other components I got from Mwave. Their prices were very competitive and they will assemble and test the motherboard, memory, and CPU for only $9. I had a problem with with the PNY Quadro. I ordered it for a great price of $220, but they sent me the version without the breakout box. I returned it and reordered, but they sent me the wrong version again, even though their website had a picture and the Part Number for the Pro Video Edition. I gave up and ordered it from Mwave. I increased the size of the hard drives from 250 MB to 320 MB since the cost difference was only $16. The Corsair memory is a matched set with a 4-4-4-12 latency and higher quality than the Kingston. Here is a listing of the parts and cost.

Component Price Supplier
Mother Board Asus - P5W DH Deluxe $206.00 Mwave

CPU Intel Core 2 Duo (Conroe) E6600 $309.00 Mwave
Dual Core
Memory (2GB) Corsair DDR2 PC2 6400 (x2)Twin CX2048 6400C4 $190.00 Mwave
Assembly & Test $9.00 Mwave
System Drive Hitachi 320GB SATAII w/cable $82.40 Mwave
SATAII RAID Hitachi 320GB SATAII w/cable x2 $164.80 Mwave
Video Storage
Case Antec Performer P180 Mid Tower $99.99 Compusa
Power Supply Antec Fantom 500W $165.00 Amazon
Graphics Card PNY Quadro FX 560 Pro Video $265.92 Mwave
DVD Burner Sony AW-Q170A $28.48 Mwave
OS Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2 OEM $131.90 Mwave

Total $1651

Assembly was pretty simple, especially since I didn’t have to mount the CPU. This is the first computer that I have assembled in 8 years. Antec has very high quality construction cases. I only had a problem getting the RAID 0 drives working properly. ASUS has an easy EZ RAID installation. I didn’t see some of the instructions and I accidentally wiped out my first installation of Win XP. After I read the instructions more carefully, it was easy.
1. Plug the SATA cables into the EZ RAID connectors.
2. Set the jumper for RAID 0.
3. Load Win XP.
4. Load the ASUS EZ-Backup Manager for the ASUS utility CD.
5. Go into BIOS Setup and go into Advanced-DH Feature and enable the EZ-RAID.
6. Partition and format the RAID.

The computer isn’t as quiet as I hoped. Despite having 120 mm low noise fans, there are three of them and the OEM CPU fan is quite noisy when it has to go high rpm. The Antec fans only have the three pin connectors. So, I can’t connect them to the motherboard for the computer to control their speed. Also, the case and power supply are really heavy. I think my computer is around 40 lbs.

The computer works a lot faster with Premiere Pro 2.0. It come up a lot faster and loads the project more quickly. I was unable to get Premiere Pro Bench Mark to give a performance speed. My new computer seems to be about 3 to 4x as fast as my old 3.0 GHz Pentium D computer. I used the PC Probe II to monitor the CPU’s and they are working well together in Premiere Pro 2.0. Occasionally, both of them are over 90%, but usually one of them is around 80% and the other one is around 50%.

I am quite satisfied with my new computer and thank the Videoguys for the Vaporizer article.

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Evan Newsome
Re: My experience building a Vaporizer
on Apr 29, 2007 at 9:39:09 pm

if you want a quieter computer.. liquid cool your CPU.

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Liquid CPU cooling
on Apr 30, 2007 at 6:16:40 am

Thanks for the recommendation, but I don't think the noise is coming from the CPU fan. I can only hear it when my computer first starts up. The noise is coming from the chassis fans.

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