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Need some Help
on Mar 30, 2007 at 7:55:52 pm

Hi i run a small media company in my town.

I need some help trying to figure out a way to get better quality, ill tell you my set up

I do alot of conferences and weddings the way i hav everything set up is ,

i have a Canon GL2 that i run Svideo and audio cable directly from the camera to the computer so im capturing live right into adobe premiere.

I am using a Hp stock tuner card and capturing at 720x480.

The only reason i use S-video and audio cable to capture is so i can have the camera 100 feet from the computer. is there another way to capture at better quality but keep the range??

also is there a better program i can capture with? or a better card??

what would be a better camera for low light situations like a church or conference center with horribl lighting??

And is there a way i can capture 2 or more cameras at once?

Any suggestions would prove more than useful!
Thankyou Very Happy

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Alex Cantu
Re: Need some Help
on Apr 18, 2007 at 6:15:45 pm


I,ll try to answer your questions, but feel to ask.

- is there another way to capture at better quality but keep the range??
A: what do u mean by better quality? DV quality is an standard but u can get better results depending on your camera and quality of the cable u r using (to avoid noise and poor signal). What format does your tv tunner capture?

- is there a better program i can capture with?
A: almost everything is better than the windows editor hehehe. well, it depends much on taste, needs and budget. I like premiere pro 2, sony vegas and canopus edius. But in order to capture analog sources you'll need extra hardware.

- or a better card??
OK, there's always a better card hehehe and u need to set a budget based on your real needs. Your biggest concern should be to be ready for HDV or stick to DV. Consider that HDV has better quality and can be down scaled to a dv with a quality similar to dvcpro 50.

Canopus DVX or Matrox RTX2 SD good for the kind of job u do, and they offer semi-pro of their cards hdv stuff.

- And is there a way i can capture 2 or more cameras at once?
A: Nope, but some NLE allow a multicamera input and work as a switcher, but this systems are for broadcast use and usally pretty expensive (I remember DPS Velocity had this function), even though u can't capture from both sources at once but u could edit on the fly be switching sources.

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tgpmedia questions
on Apr 18, 2007 at 9:21:12 pm


For long range work live analog is the best way to go due to range like you said unless you have laptops for mobile projects. The interface question and NLE choices are pretty open depending on what you do. Since you already have PP2 I assume then I would stay there since your not broadcasting out to another room live or something. The input/output card I would have say canopus 300 would probably be the way to go. Its much cheaper than the RTX2. The RTX2 is mainly for Mpeg capturing and such which you wont be doing here. No reason to pay that much just for a A/D convertor when you do not need the rest of what the RTX is for. As for capturing. Your multi capture question is yes and the Osprey 440 gives you 4 channels of simultaneous analog. If you go that way you dont need the canopus but then you are bringing the Analog into the system as most likey uncompressed and your system requirements step up quite abit especially for multiple channels. That should give you an idea of what you are looking for. Any reason why you cant tape your weddings and such?

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