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My 2 cents on my new 24" monitor. (no more dual)

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Evan Newsome
My 2 cents on my new 24" monitor. (no more dual)
on Dec 30, 2006 at 10:11:55 pm

Since I am procrastinating, on getting all my stuff ready for year-end change over (mostly IRS related) I thought I would share my experience with dual monitor vs my new 24” single widescreen monitor.

I was editing on two 17” LCD monitors and was getting pretty tired of the big gap between screens and it was time for larger monitors. First, I was looking at two 4:3 (non-widescreen monitors) around 19-20 inches in size. You will notice 19” or 20” widescreen, are not any taller than a 17” 4:3 monitor, and as you know you need height as much as you need width. Let me also add I was looking for a good color accurate LCD monitor (which would not break the bank) for my photoshop work.
After running around in stores and on-line I noticed that if I purchased two decent NEC 20” inch monitors (4:3) it would cost me about the same as one 24” widescreen monitor.
I landed up purchasing a BenQ FP241W, which is a 24” 16:10 widescreen with 1920 X 1200 resolution for $800 (newegg). Its’ screen is physically taller than a 20” 4:3 monitor and around 8.5 inches shorter width wise than if I went with two 20” monitors. I honestly have to say at 1920 resolution; it is just barely long enough for the timeline window.
Now after one month, I have to say having the shorter timeline outweighs having the gap associated with a dual monitor setup. No matter which setup you still have to scroll and zoom the timeline, to edit. (longer videos) Besides, I used to slide my ‘actively working on stuff’ in the timeline to one monitor so I wouldn’t work across the gap.
Why BenQ? It has a HDMI input and was cheaper. I have not used the HDMI yet, but apparently BenQ is making a firmware update so true HD will display properly. (Apparently it stretches the 16:9 image to fill the 16:10 screen.) The runner up 24” monitor was Dell but it lacked HDMI inputs and was $50 more. However, if you don’t care about HDMI, then just so you know the Dell is now below $700, according to a pricegrabber search.

If you want to see more timeline than what a single 24” 16:10 screen can offer, I suggest just getting two 20” 4:3 monitors. 20” monitors look about the same size as a 19” monitor, but have a higher resolution, which will give you a mega long timeline.
If you are feeling wealthy Samsung just put on the market a new 20” LCD monitor called XL20 specifically made for video editors and photographers.
Prepare to drop approximately 2k a piece.

Please note if you go hop online wanting to get a 1920x1200 resolution monitor, verify your video card will handle that DVI output resolution. Other note don’t buy LCD monitors based on “response time” (sample numbers: 4ms that run through 20ms) those numbers are only important to gamers. Buy monitors based on out-of-the-box color accuracy and size.

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