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been using Premiere, thinking about switching to AVID?

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been using Premiere, thinking about switching to AVID?
on Dec 9, 2006 at 10:23:03 pm

I've been using Premiere since i stated doing video editing. i was wondering if i should swich to AVID. ive tried avid a couple times, and didnt care for it. But maybe I didnt just give it enough time.

My concern is that you never really hear of "top pros / hollywood" using premiere; its either AVID or FINAL CUT,

any sugestions? Rolling Eyes

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Gary Bettan
Re: been using Premiere, thinking about switching to AVID?
on Dec 10, 2006 at 2:16:19 pm

you are right that the Pros use avid. over 85% of all TV shows & movies are cut on an Avid.

It takes a littel getting used to with Avid. I find that Premeire users (especially versions 6.5 or older) have a harder time adapting to the "Avid" way of editing. My advice is tjhat instead of trying to edit the way you used to on Premeire, CLEAR YOU MIND. Don;t fight with Avid, embrace it. Allow the workflow to become your workflow.

We include great training with all Avid purchases. With our training, you'll be ab Avid editor in no time.


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ClearVision Studios
Re: been using Premiere, thinking about switching to AVID?
on Apr 6, 2007 at 12:26:33 am

With all the greatness coming out of Adobe lately why would you change. With the right hardware Premiere Pro 2.0 can run with the best!

We edit uncompressed full resolution 1080i 4.2.2 video in real time using Premiere Pro 2.0 and love every minute of it.

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HEHE just say no to Avid:)
on Apr 18, 2007 at 10:25:46 pm

I have to agree with ClearVision Studios whole heartily. Avid is really hard to learn and its not nearly the complete package production studio is. Not to mention you better get used to flamethrower errors for no reason if you use Avid. Also your system compatibility is always a question with Avid as well as XP updates. For audio or 3d effects editing Adobe is by far the leader here especially since Pro Tools DOES NOT integrate with Avid. Gluck gettinging your Digi 02 or 03 working with avid for monitoring as well, hehe studio was such a disasterSmile Atleast with Adobe you can use quite an assortment of pro audio gear though Vegas is better for audio editing in a NLE package. About the only thing Avid shines on is color correction which their engine and work flow is pretty sweet for that.

Regarding the studio and pro world using Avid or Final cut here is the secret. A few years ago when Adobe only had 1.5 or older Avid really was the way to go. Adobe's interface was clunky and it had alot of weird bugs with encore and such. Everyone obviously chose Avid then since it was the superior product. Well over that time up till now Avid has sat on its laurels and simply made you pay for upgrades that were really only patches to fix bugs instead of adding new features and integrating the different editors in the program more. Adobe went back to the drawing board and came out with 2.0 that really does look alot like Final Cut strangely enough{ hmm wonder how that happenedSmile }. So Adobe with its production studio 2.0 elements and Bridge network access is a complete package with far more ability than Avid for about the same price. Not to mention you can use just about anything with it regarding workstation and input/ouput cards. Meanwhile Avid is still going like a snail. Studio's chose Final cut to get away from Avid since its easy to use which makes training costs much lower to switch platforms. Companies spent a boat load to setup on Avid and will not spend alot more to get off AvidSmile So if you are already using Adobe but not 2.0 then I would suggest upgrading to that. If you are and dont have the production studio and you want to offer your client's more then upgrade to that. If you have that already then I would definately not consider the grass any greener on the other side because its most definately not greenSmile

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