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Problem reading and importing DVD

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Problem reading and importing DVD
on Nov 20, 2006 at 5:12:36 pm

Forgive the lenght, I pasted togeather my post and edited replies from another forum.

I previously had no problems importing from DVDs I made of old VHS tapes(DVD-R made on Panasonic DVD Recoder Model DMR-ESOV). In fact one of the reasons I purchased VS9 was its reliability in capturing from DVD.
Something seems to have changed in just the last couple of weeks. When I attempt to import from DVD it seems to go OK, quick green status line, then it shows title 0 with a number of chapters. When i click on title I get an hour glass for a while then a message "unspecified error". After I click on the OK and click on title again it is red checked and ready to import. All information is listed but there is nothing in the preview window. After I click import it begins then stops after only 10% +/- and gives me the "unspecified error" again. After clicking OK it asks whether I want to "close import DVD and save already imported temp file".
On occasion after I reboot, defrag, delete all temp files, it will go normally with correct preview and looks good until about 80%, then I get the "unspecified error" again.
Then with subsequent attempts I get all the afore mentioned problems.

Check that there's enough space on your hard drive - in VS9 preferences, make sure it points to a working folder with enough room for the import.

I think there is plenty of hardrive space.
I reinstalled VS9. No help.
I tried importing a commercial DVD. It worked.
Sometimes when I insert my home video DVD it opens in Media player and sometimes it dose not. The light blinks for a while then goes solid and it shows no data when I click on that drive.
Could there be a problem with my DVD player (Toshiba CD/DVRW SDR5372V)? Like I said before, it worked fine until recently

Sounds like data errors from the dvd reader.
I would try copying the VIDEO_TS folder from the DVD to your hard disk.
Then in VS9 navigate to the VIDEO_TS folder on the hard disk and import the dvd.
Most likely you will have problems trying to copying the dvd to the harddisk if you are getting read errors.

I think you are on the right track. I attempted to copy the files from DVD to hard drive as you suggested. On the first attempt "cannot read from the source file or disc". Second attempt with different disc started out well, then at about 7 min left "cannot copy, data error (cyclic redundancy check)"
Prior to these attempts I used a Scotch laser lens cleaner (a hail Mary).
Now what? Should I look for a different CD/DVR?
I tried the disc in another computer with no success.
I tried it again in my computer and got to 2 min remaining

Do you happen to have a copy of Nero Recode on your computer?
If so I accidentally found a function that it can perform that may help.
For some reason unknown to me Recode is VERY forgiving of data errors on DVDs. You can try placing the disc in the DVD tray of the computer and open Recode. Recode's purpose is actually to...well...recode! Generally by that it performs similar to DVD shrink, reducing a DVD file structure that is too big for a disc down to 4.7 gig or less. It will even read unfinalised DVDs form DVD cams.
It may detect the data on the DVD and the file structure and give you the choice of recoding. If the source disc is 4.7 gig and you choose to recode to a 4.7gig disc it tricks the program into recoding at 100% so effectively all it is doing is copying but it has correction facilities built-in. It will create a folder in your "My Documents" folder called "Recode." Inside that will be the full IFO, BUP,VOB file structure of the original DVD. Just rename the folder to VIDEO_TS then try to import from that...worth a try!
If you do have damage to the disc, try using this DVD Repair Kit. I had a disc that had some bad scratches and, of course, would not play. It took several go-rounds with this machine, but I finally got it playable so I could make a copy.

I'm not sure it is the disc that is damaged. It occasianaly comes up correctly in the preview window and will import up to about 80% before the error message. I can view the entire disc in windows media player. A number of discs that I have recorded work the same way, they are virtually new. It sounds like Nero Recode might help my reader but I would like to avoid the addtional steps. By the way my discs are about 4 GB.
Should I bother trying a new CD/DVRW? . Mine is a Toshiba CD/DVRW SDR5372V

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