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Guide-How to rip DVD to WMV/MP3/WMA for PocketPC, PDA, etc

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Shine ivan
Guide-How to rip DVD to WMV/MP3/WMA for PocketPC, PDA, etc
on Sep 8, 2006 at 8:20:04 am

This is my first guide, it will describe the basic steps about converting DVD to WMV/MP3/WMA for PocketPC, Palm, PDA, and SmartPhone. It should be very easy to understand. I hope it helps.

Step1: Prepare
You could download Wondershare Pocket DVD Ripper from [url=]here
Or download directly from this [url=]link
Install and run it.

Step 2: Add DVD files
After installing, you will see the main interface of the software.

1) Rip your DVD files from DVD-ROM drive by clicking “Open DVD”.
Many friends ask me how to copy movies form DVDs to hard drive. This process calls ‘Rip’. Additional, ripping protected DVDs is illegal (unless you have the own right of the DVDs). [url=]This software helps you rip DVDs automatically. You needn’t know how to break the css protect. You will not be confused by the complicated operation of ‘DVD Decrypter’ or ‘DVD Shrink’. I really love this function.
2) Or Load .ifo files from your hard drive by clicking “Add ifo”. IFO file is an index of DVD files. It contains many control info about the DVD movies.
3) Or right click on the blank area in the center of the main interface to import video files from your hard drive or DVD-ROM drive.

Step 3: Select the conversion files

DVD files often compose of many video chapters. In default setting, [url=]this software will help you convert multi DVD files into one file, so if you just want to convert some chapters of the DVD, you could cancel the click in front of the title, select the chapters you want to convert and click the box in front of it. The “estimated size” will let you know the approximate output files size.

For advanced configure, right click the files you want to convert, a window will be popped up. You could drag the slide bar to set the “Start Time” and “End Time” according to your need.
This exact to seconds.

Step 4: Customize output screen, cut black margin

16:9 and 4:3 are two popular ratios now; you could select anyone you want. More over, DVD Movies often with black margin on the top and button of screen, if you want to play your DVD on your PocketPC with full screen, you could cut the black margin. While playing the DVD, a yellow frame will appear beside the scene, you could drag the yellow line to cut any parts you don’t want.

More over, you could click the little “cut” icon; a cropping window will be popped up. Here you could customize the crop window more exactly.

Step 5: Option Setting
Click the “setting” icon to open the “Option” window. Here you could use the drop-down list to set values for “Resolution”, “Framerate”, “Codec”, “Video Bitrate”, “Ratio”, “Audio SampleRate”, and “Channels”.

1) Set resolution, you could select the suitable resolution according to your mobile device.
2) Set Framerate, there are seven choices for you to select, 25 framerate/s stands for PAL format, 30 framerate/s stands for NTSC format. NTSC is a standard used in North America and Japan. PAL is a standard used almost everywhere else in the world. If you want to know the character about PAL and NTSC, you could refer this article for more info
3) Set codec, there are three encoders for you, they are three versions of Microsoft WMV encoder, WM1 provides fast conversion speed, and WM3 provides better quality with longer conversion time.
4) Set Video Bitrate, high bitrate provides better video quality with bigger output size. You could select the suitable one according for your memory volume.
5) Set ratio, you could configure 16:9 or 4:3 here. 16:9 is width screen. It becomes more and more popular. 4:3 is common ratio for older monitor.
6) Set SampleRate, high samplerate provides better quality with bigger size. [url=]This software can convert the Audio track in DVDs to a single MP3 or WMA file which can be played on MP3 player. If you care about the quality, high sample rate would be your choice.
7) Set Channels, select “Mono” or “Stereo”.

Click the “effect” icon to open the “effect” window. Here you could drag the slider-bar to set values for “Brightness”, “Contrast”, “Saturation”, and “Volume”.

1) Set Brightness, It’s not conformable to watch a dark movie on Pocket PC’s little screen. If you complaint the movie’s background are a little dark, you could higher the values to get a clear movie scene.
2) Set Contrast, a suitable contrast value provides clear scene, you could set it according to your need or leave it as original.
3) Set Saturation.
4) Set Audio Volume.

Step 6: Select subtitle, audio, output path

1) Rename file: You could type the desired name here for your conversion file or leave it along; this will help you manage the multi files clearly.
2) Select Subtitle: DVD movies often provide multi-languages for watching, you could select anyone you want, and there also has a “No Subtitle” option for you.
3) Select Audio: Audio setting is similar with Subtitle; you could select anyone you want.
4) Select output path: the default path is C:Program FilesWondersharePocket DVD RipperOutput you could change it at your pleasure.
5) Select Format: There are three choices for you, WMV/WMA/MP3, WMA and MP3 are audio format, if someone just wants the music from the movie without video (for example, you just want the songs from the DVD concert) you could select MP3 or WMA format, then you can enjoy it on your MP3 player.

Step 7: Start Converting
After prepare all things, you could click “Start” button to begin the conversion. Then a small window will be popped up.

[url=]This software supports batch conversion; you could add multi tasks at one time and then go away to do anything else. It could shut down computer automatically after all tasks are finished. You could preview your DVD while converting or click “Hide Preview” to shorten the conversion time. You could also get much info about conversion here.

When conversion is finished, you just need to transfer the conversion files to your mobile device, and then you could enjoy your favorite DVD movie anytime and anywhere.

This guide should be easy to understand, if you still have problem about convert DVD to Pocket PC, Palm, Smart Phone, etc, send me a message. I will try my best to help you. Very Happy

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Re: Guide-How to rip DVD to WMV/MP3/WMA for PocketPC, PDA, etc
on Sep 11, 2006 at 3:40:35 am

very specific and useful

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