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matrox dual head display cards

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matrox dual head display cards
on Mar 29, 2005 at 8:53:00 pm


I have a question about my soon to be NLE set up which I can't seem to get answered. Sofar the videoguys site has provided me with an abundance of kowlidge for wich I am very very gratefull:))

I would like to ask something about the choice of a dual display graphics card... there are so many to choose from I just don't know which one would be most suitable for my needs.

The goal is to set up a nle pc, within a budget, that will be capable of editing in premiere and graphic tinkering in photoshop. In time - hopefully sooner than later - the addition of a matrox rtx.100 card will help enter the world of real time nle.

The only thing I haven't worked out yet is the dual head graphics card. I haven't had (nor will I have) the chance to physically compare the various products out there and I have no idea what to choose out of the basis of pure theory... what will best work on my machine; a 64 mb or 128, 256 or perhaps something with the latest pci express option? considering the mobo, it would make sense.

Sofar I've learned; nothing under 16 megs for premiere so 64 or above...

The only sugestions I have received narrowed the choice down to either a Matrox G650 or G750. Seeing how I am going to install the matrox rtx 100 in the end it seems also fair to acquire a matrox dual head card. But when I started reading up on the issue I found so much "mhz dry theory " and contradicatory information that I completely lost track... parhelia, millenium, quad... emm help?

I will be running mostely premiere 1.5 on two crt monitors with a tv output and I want something to run Photoshop as usual.

What do I need for my system to run it smoothly on both monitors? Do I need a secondary video card if I want to work with large (100 mb) image files? Is there something worth recomending ? Millenium 750 seems nice.... so does the parhelia 128 or 256 mb.. but is this neccesary... my wallet does not seem to appreciate it.

Your support is highly appreciated!


The configuration (to be):

Main board: ASUS P5AD2-E PREMIUM

Processor: INTEL PENTIUM 4 D550, 3.4 GHz

Memory: CORSAIR twin2x1024-5400c4

Graphics card ???



(In addition) matrox rtx.100

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