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movies on the fly
on Jul 21, 2006 at 3:54:32 am

Thanks to a growing number of "smart phones," flight attendants are often having troubles with passengers who want to enjoy PDA functionality of their phones, but have the wireless transmitter turned off. As you know, the flight's signaling system could easily be interfered by the cell phones' frequency or the wireless transmitters such as Bluetooth earphone and so on. So it is very dangerous for both flights and passengers to use "smart phone" as a cell phone. Unfortunately, there's no easy way for anyone to see quickly if the phone really has its wireless abilities shut off, or if the person is just saying that to keep the flight attendants off their back. So, now, the Consumer Electronics Association is trying to come up with a standard way to display a mobile phone in "flight mode" -- where users can still make use of applications on their phones while up in the sky, without worry of their phones transmitting a wireless signal. It is not an easy job, because businessmen need to keep their "smart phones" on to cover their job or just to kill time.
To meet this demand, almost all the "smart phones" at present are programmed with a special mode named "flight mode" just as mentioned before. What’s more the smart phone can also be used as a mp4 or mp3 player, so when you are in the flight mode you have enough fun out of it. This also brings us a new media format which is called 3GP format. Movie in this format can give you a lossy compressed movie which costs you very little phone’s memory. As a result of its small size, very fit for mobiles with small memory card, 3GP format is appealing to more and more people. It opens up a new way for the programmer to step into a new show room, a way to program software able to convert the familiar formats into 3GP format.
There are people with enough sensitivity having already begun to rake in from this innovative idea. Google for 3GP video converter, you will easily find that some famous video converter software such as Xilisoft, 3GP converter, Ultra ,etc. have already created new versions supporting conversion of other formatted videos to 3GP mode. Before long you will see even more software companies eager to share this big cake. This tide of competition and innovation will bring much convenience for customers, especially those often on the go. Watching movies during those tedious long journeys really brings along much fun. To experience an adventure movie should be much more exciting in the sky than on the ground.

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