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Premiere 2.0 ran for 2 days but now just freezes.

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Eric Riemer
Premiere 2.0 ran for 2 days but now just freezes.
on Jun 29, 2006 at 6:03:54 am

I just got Production studio Premium and used it for 2 days, worked great. Then after an evening of editing with Premiere, I came back the next morning and as I tried to continue editing Premiere pro began freezing. It freezes over anything and everything, I can't do anything in it except maybe create a bin, If I save or do anything where it seems to have to comunicate outside of the program (ie to import, save,) things where it needs to open other windows I just get the Hourglass, CPU goes to 100% and it stops responding instantly.

I have since the begining of this week bought a new HDD with a fresh new install of XP Pro. I have called adobe Tech support to no avail he thinks it might be a hardware issue, I have systematically pulled all hardware (Vid cards, NIC Cards Fire wire card and ram, unistalled sound and vid drivers) and exchanged ram, to no avail. I have all XP updates along with the K8M800 Chipset update.

Everything else in Production studio works, even AfterEffects and Audition which are the big users of the cards.

I don't know what else to try. I have a brand new MOBO and CPU and HDD yet this thing doesn't work.

My next step will be to try another new MOBO with a different Chipset. Any thoughts as to which I should go for, that is more compatible with Premiere 2.0.


computer is:

Athlon 64 3500+
Asus A8V-mx MOBO
1 gig of Kingston KVR DDR 400 in dual
Gforce 4 mmx 440 dual head video card
Seagate SATA 160GB internal
40 GB Westerdigital ATA drive
5 GB Old backup Drive
250 BG SeaGate External Drive

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Evan Newsome
Re: Premiere 2.0 ran for 2 days but now just freezes.
on Jun 30, 2006 at 12:31:03 am

This probably won't help but.. my motto is... install OS and never update it unless there is a problem. then install NLE software and never update it.. unless there is a problem...

Since you have updated XP to the latest.. try updating PP 2.0

if that doesn't work.. clear the drive install OS then PP 2.0 and don't update anything. (most OS updates are for viruses and security flaws)

I am assuming that this computer only has NLE stuff on it and you don't surf the web.

Hope that helps...

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Eric Riemer
Re: Premiere 2.0 ran for 2 days but now just freezes.
on Jun 30, 2006 at 4:19:57 pm

LOL where were you last week.

Yesterday (before reading your reply) I reinstalled a fresh XP Install on another drive so now I have 2 OS's on this Computer, one for daily driving and one for Only NLE, I didn't install anything not even sound or video. After PP2.0 wounldn't run with no sound drivers I installed the sound Drivers. IT WORKED!!! So then I installed the new Video Driver. IT CRASHED!!! so...I FOUND THE CULPRIT!! so uninstalled it but it still crashed, so I system restored back to the point where I installed PP2 and it worked again. From there I went back to using my old video driver and it seems to be working, though I have not done a project yet. Still a little worried for this is the original Video Driver I was using in the first crash. But at least I now know what was causing the problem. I was very close to buying a new MOBO thinking it was a chipset.

I guess the uninstall still left the little file that was conflicting on my computer somewhere, and I needed to restore back. So that leaves the question how do I Clean up that little file still on the other OS. I would like to run PP2 back on the other HD for it is a newer faster SATA drive. anything thoughts to that on.

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