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relink to raws with MXF

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Sonya Dudnik
relink to raws with MXF
on Sep 25, 2017 at 7:20:22 pm

Hello guys!

I really need your help with the following:
I edited an advertising in FCPX shot on Arri Alexa (mxf native 2880*1620 files) with 422 prores proxies prepared by the dp who was supposed to do color grading and compositing later on. I was initially not supposed to touch on those MXF raws, as he had it and could easily relink with an XML. The problem is, he left the project since.Now I'm trying to figure out what is the better worklow for relinking my proxies to raws for a new color grading guy who doesn't have the rushes and is on the other side of the planet, knowing that FCPX doesn't recognise MXF format. I first tried what seemed the easiest: imported the used mxf's in 1920*1080 Da Vinci Resolve project and linked with an xml from fcpx. I had a couple of troubles with resizing, flipping etc (there are loads of effects) but otherwise it went quiet smooth till the moment I started rendering my mxf to quicktimes clip-by -clip in 4444. It would rather stretch or shorten my clips with no obvious logic,like if there were some invisible handles / dismissed areas. I think it has to do with compounds Da Vinci automatically creates out of clips with retime/speed ramp clips. Wtf. It just didn't work.
I could transcode my mxf's in Resove/ArriConverter to prores 4444, create a new library in FCPX, import them and not the proxies, relink with an xml and render there?
What would be the smartest and the fastest way to do?
It would be great to know why my Da Vinci experience screwed up... my graphic card is not what fits the best for working with 2880*1620
Please help!!!

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Jeff Kirkland
Re: relink to raws with MXF
on Sep 25, 2017 at 11:18:42 pm

Going from FCPX to Resolve is really your only way to do what you need. Not sure why Resolve is playing up but you definitely need to do some preparation work before sending any FCPX project over to it. Compound clips could certainly cause issues and I always try to break them apart and flatten the timeline as much as possible before exporting the XML.

There's an overview of some best practices in this video

and a google search will find you many more tutorials - but it sounds like you've already worked through a lot of that and if the issue is with Resolve itself you might get better insight from one of the Resolve forums.

That's all probably not a lot of help but I've been sending a lot of projects to Resolve for relinking just lately and really haven't come across the issue you're talking about. The only other thing I can suggest is to make sure you're using the latest versions of FCPX and Resolve to avoid any bugs that may have been fixed in updates.

Also unless I've missed something, FCPX got an update to handle MXF files a long time ago.

Jeff Kirkland | Video Producer & Cinematographer
Hobart, Tasmania | Twitter: @jeffkirkland

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Sonya Dudnik
Re: relink to raws with MXF
on Sep 27, 2017 at 4:17:56 am

Thank you for your reply!!!
so I tried it another way around, transcoding mxf's in ArriConverter to get Prores 4444, but they didn't happen to be relinkable. I created a new library in FCPX, imported them and the XML of my edit, and while relinking, I was getting an error message saying that it does find clips by name but can't relink due to difference of type of media. Like my proxies used to have sound, while my new clips does not. Who cares?! that's so lame. I checked the original mxf's and there is zero Audio channels showing up. The guy who made proxies somehow managed to get sound tracks in it.
I could replace the files manually but my computer knocks me out...

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