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Media management question

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Anton Antokhin
Media management question
on Apr 9, 2017 at 11:58:05 pm

Hi - still a bit mystified by FCPX media management and would love a clarification.

When you consolidate, does FCP copy or move the media?

Let's say I created a new library A on my internal SSD and imported media from camera. At the moment everything is in one place, but it's taking too much room on my SSD.

I decide I want to move a part of this library to another library B on external drive to make more room on SSD. I create this external library B, move the appropriate projects and events from A to B and consolidate library B.

I also "move to trash"/delete all the events and projects in A that are now safely in B.

After all this, my expectation is that library A on my internal SSD will be smaller.

However, while B has grown in size, which is expected, A has remained as large as before and there's no reduction in space on my SSD.

So, does FCPX only copy the files, but never actually delete them? This does not seem right. Can someone clarify this for me please?


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Anton Antokhin
Re: Media management question
on Apr 11, 2017 at 1:50:38 am

Thank you Oliver!

A bit more clear on this now.... I think ☺

Couple of takeaways:

1. Deleting stuff within FCPX never actually deletes any media anywhere - ever.
2. The only way to MOVE media vs. COPY it is to consolidate from a LIBRARY to an EXTERNAL FOLDER. Every other option only copies, never moves the media. This includes consolidating from one library to another - THIS ONLY COPIES THE MEDIA.

With this in mind, if I wanted to split my library into two libraries, each with its own separate media content and without duplicating any media between these two libraries, the only way to do that would be:

1. Open existing library, create a second one
2. For media location of the second library, specify an external folder
3. Move my projects and events into second library in FCPX
4. Consolidate second library

This will actually move the media files from the first library to an external folder referenced by the second library AND remove them from the first library.

I think I got this right - but let me know if this logic doesn't make sense to you. Thanks a bunch! Anton

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David Mathis
Re: Media management question
on Apr 11, 2017 at 3:01:25 am

I think it would be possible to hold down the Command key while dragging to the other Library to move the Events to the other Library though not sure about this.

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