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Text input window bug

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Don Smith
Text input window bug
on Mar 24, 2017 at 12:43:45 pm

I do plain text subtitling. I'm not talking about TV subtitles that you turn on and off as needed, but rather plain text below the video. Very simple subtitling.

Because these videos are meant to be understand while playing in a large venue such as a cafeteria, I'll often subtitle in English for an English-speaking video.

I get the script and I copy and paste a page or two of the text into the text input box of a plain title. I then stgretch that one text object to match the length of the whole video.

My workflow is fast; I format the first three lines of the text (that's what will show below the video) by putting in 's (carriage returns) to limit the length of each line and then extra CR's to make sure the remaining text can't be seen at the bottom of the text onscreen. It's a process I call 'bubbling to the top'.

I play the video until the speaker says the words that are onscreen and I then blade the text object. I then option click on the new text object (it normally still has my formatting) and I deleted that previous formatting a bubble the next three lines to the top. Rinse and Repeat. Play the video for the new bubbled text, blade, select the text object remaining, and delete the old formatting and bubble the next three lines to the top. I hope you get the picture.

Well, that's how it used to work. With 10.3 the process seems to be broken. It has stayed broken through two bug fix updates as well.

Now, when I blade the text object, the text object remaining to the right loses the formatting. I have to hunt for where I left off! Once in a while it won't lose the formatting but I have yet to discover what I might be doing different to preserve the formatting.

In case I've confused you let me put it this way; Imagine you have a text object with some text content that you have formatted and you blade it in the middle. Normally both text objects will have identical content. Except, in my process above, the text object now on the right has lost it's CR's.

Any clues?

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Bret Williams
Re: Text input window bug
on Mar 24, 2017 at 7:56:58 pm

No idea. But 3.1 screwed up a bit of text features somehow. Until 10.3.2 you could only change the line spacing of 1 line at a time. And if you copy and paste bits of text from one title to another, they lose their line spacing. They fixed the former but not the latter. I'm sure your issue falls into the same boat of issues.

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